Its official

From Monday 25 January 2010, I will be officially unemployed!

I had a feeling this was coming since before Christmas, but other people in work are very shocked. We’re all funded under different schemes, and everybody’s funding could end as suddenly as mine did. There is a possibility that I might get some paid work in May, but until then i’m just going to volunteer maybe once a week or when I know they have work to keep me busy. I’d rather do that to keep O.J working the route, and so that I don’t have a three month gap before i’m back again.
I got so much more than I expected when I started working there, two years and 8 months ago. I Got offered a work placement that was supposed to last one year, I didn’t have to be interviewed, and I met some great people. I was 21 and it was my first proper job, so I learned a lot.

We had tea and buns yesterday, and I got a voucher from all the staff, which was really nice of them. It was strange packing up all my stuff and bringing the dog’s stuff out of the office too. It still doesn’t feel real though. Its just like I’m going on holiday or something. Next monday morning it will sink in, when I get up, feed the dogs and go back to bed, wondering what i’ll do for the rest of the day.

I’m going to take time to relax and think during the next couple of weeks. I want to make the most of my time off. I want to do voluntary work, try new things, do work experience, teach O.J new routes and enjoy myself. I live at home and get on well with my family. The disability allowance in the republic of Ireland is very generous compared to anywhere else. I don’t have kids to look after or a big mortgage to pay, so I know things could be a lot worse. The last time I was unemployed (just after I got my degree) It was more difficult because I didn’t have O.J and wasn’t as independent. He’ll still need walked and occupied every day, so even if I wanted to be lazy, I can’t be.

I’m actually excited about what will happen in the next while. I have a few ideas about work I might become involved in. I also have a big project in mind, and if it works out my brain will constantly be in overdrive, i’ll be poor afterwards, but it will be worth it because its something i’ve always wanted.

In the meantime I’d like someone I know to win this
charity gig for Haiti
And invite me. Please? It would be the perfect fundraiser. Pity I don’t have a big house near Dublin and lots of money.


10 thoughts on “Its official

  1. Oh man, it's always disappointing when we know something is coming, hope it doesn't, but does anyway. It sounds like you have a really good head on your shoulders though, and that your time off will be a benefit, not only to you, but to the places you volunteer with. Sounds like you're heading off to your next adventure, and somehow I just know you'll make the most of it 🙂

  2. That's really unfortunate, but it's impressive to see you're not down in the dumps with it. Good luck with your future projects and enjoying the wonderful world of unemployment! Though it sounds like you'll still be busy.

  3. JenI'm so sorry to hear that its official from next Monday. I hope something turns up for you soon.take careFiona- that Glen Hansard concert sounds amazing – incredible to have him going to a private house for a concert!

  4. Awe that stinks, but sounds like you have a very good attitude about it. I hope that your volunteering leads you to new possible jobs and that OJ and you have a good time learning new things together.

  5. Awwwww Jenifer, that's pooh.I hope your volunteering gets you into new things. But enjoy your time, and i'm sure you'll find plenty to occupy you and OJ.Take care, and glad you're so up beat.

  6. Sounds like mixed emotions with this change. Sounds like you have some options to explore and nice that you are not feeling pressure on needing to find something quick.

  7. You goin the many thousands of people out of work and that must be depressing.jAs a matter of interest, how much is the disability in the republic. Here in the UK it depends on what they think your needs are. there is a mobility component, a higher and lower rate, and a care coponent, at three rates. some blind people get the middle rate of care but i only get the lower rate and the lower mobility rate, making a total of about 37 pounds per week.

  8. Hey Brian. Just to sicken you, the disability allowance here is almost 200 euros! Its very generous compared to other countries, but unfortunately until recently, people were allowed to take advantage of it, claiming it when they don't really need it.

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