Career change

My job at the moment depends on funding, which could run out at any time. I’m always wondering what I will do when it does, and I want to be even slightly prepared. I like the building, the people I work with and the work I have done here, but it can’t last forever. I want a change, not necessarily as soon as possible, but I do want to do something different.

I couldn’t imagine studying full-time again, but maybe if I found a course that I knew would be useful, and if I could do voluntary or freelance work as well I’d consider it. I don’t want a job for the sake of it, just to get money. My worst nightmare would be going to work every day, to a job that I hate, and wishing I could do something else. My work would be terrible and I’d be miserable.
I’d hate to be unemployed for a long period of time too. The longer you are out of work, the more you start doubting your ability and it doesn’t do your confidence much good. That’s what I found between university and my first work placement anyway.

The main problem is that I have no idea what I want to do. People always ask me, if I had a dream job, what would it be, and I honestly don’t know.
I know all the things I don’t want to do. I couldn’t work in an office all day answering phones or working with computers constantly. I’d go crazy. I have thought about counselling, but don’t know if hearing about people’s problems and trying to advise them is something I’d be any good at. Teaching doesn’t appeal to me, and my mum’s ideas of law or physiotherapy don’t interest me either. It would be great to have my own business, but I’m not a business-minded person at all.

I enjoy working with audio and sound, as the work is completely accessible to me. I like radio work, but know that at the minute I wouldn’t want to be a presenter. I like editing and putting radio packages together, and I know this is always something I can do as voluntary work.
I considered music therapy when I studied at Queens, but soon realised I need to be a better musician, a good singer (I haven’t got a note in my head) and be able to work in a wide variety of settings.
I considered sound engineering, but the physics of it put me off. It’s something I haven’t looked at in proper detail though.
I would like to work with animals but it’s probably an unrealistic option.

Finding a job has never been an issue because I am blind. It’s my indecisive brain that’s the problem, not my eyes. If I really really want to do something, apart from drive or fly a plane, I’ll usually try and find a way of doing it. The problem with being blind is that you can’t really get work experience easily. You can’t get a summer job somewhere and see if you like it. With a lack of work experience, it’s difficult to know if you’d really enjoy something. It’s also difficult to apply for jobs that require some sort of experience.

I’m not sure where I’d like to work or study, but I suppose that depends on what I decide to do in the future. I’d hate to move somewhere where I don’t know anybody, unless the job was just amazing! Having O.J will make moving anywhere a lot easier. It will be nice to learn new routes with him as well. Dublin is so busy and expensive, but I know there are more options there. I really like Cork but it’s the other end of the country! Belfast is probably my ideal location if I move away from home.
There are some other things that add to my dilemma too, but I think that’s enough for now!

I’m not sure why I’m writing this. Maybe writing it down will help. Maybe somebody can suggest something that I haven’t thought about. Even a link to a website, list of possible courses or your own experiences might be useful. This is one thing O.J can’t help me with, so any thoughts or ideas would be really appreciated.


6 thoughts on “Career change

  1. It's funny I'm thinking about jobs today too, well a lot lately in general, but today specifically a real lot.I hope that you are able to find a job you enjoy and can excel at.

  2. I think brainstorming and typing it all out is a helpful process. Sounds like you have many passions and to me finding something in that area is sure helpful. Just today I was thinking how happy I am that I love my career. It took me some years to find that great fit. With OJ by your side, anything is possible!

  3. Katrin hopefully you'll find something soon. Being a dog trainer must be fun though. I'd like to have something like that that I enjoy doing, even if it wasn't my full-time job.Becky you seem to really love your work. That's great.

  4. Not easy trying to plan and decide what to do next. Murray's dad was let go from his job just before Christmas so we're right in the middle of lots of change!Good luck with the planning and decision making. Hope you chose what makes you happy and wishesFiona

  5. Hello JenniferJobs are always on my mind at the moment even though I do have a job I dont particularly enjoy it and like you said doing something you really dont like doesnt help anything at all. I work at the Council doing a Customer Service Apprenticeship which should be finishing in June hopefully am I glad. I work on the Switchboard and Reception within the Council 2 days a week and that side is ok but the rest of the time I am in the other council building sitting at a computer but literally doing nothing twiddling my thumbs and being bored and this I really dont like because I am wasting my time here, we do only live once and jobs you do all week every week and for me it has to be something I enjoy something that makes me feel fulfilled. My real dream would be to run a dog boarding and rescue centre as I love dogs and right from childhood I have always had that dream and the next best thing would be to work at a dog rehoming centre as a receptionist or similar but in an animal environment. The people I work with at work are lovely and so caring and kind and I have made some really good friends and have had some positive experience and my confidence has certainly grown and with Pearce by my side I do know that he is always there and that with him things are possible, there are many more opportunities with Pearce being there and so I have got to think of a next step too and it is really difficult especially in this climate and the job has to be right. I am sorry I cant be of much help to you, I waited 10 months to start my job and another 4 to start my apprenticeship and it just all wasnt thought through by the managers unfortunately I certainly expected more help and support which I am not getting but anyway that is enough rabbiting on about my job. I hope you find a job that suits you just right.

  6. I hope things work out for Murray's dad. I suppose I am lucky in that I don't have kids depending on me, so having less money isn't so bad. It can't be easy for families with children at school, and maybe one or both parents have lost their jobs.Good to hear from you again Lena and thanks for sharing your experience. I hope you find something you enjoy doing as well. Its horrible being bored at work.

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