Is the world ending?

Its the coldest weather in Ireland for years, there’s white stuff everywhere and my paws are freezing! What is going on?
Before I talk about the bad weather, I have to say happy new year. I don’t know why, but everybody else seems to be saying it.

I thought I was going into early retirement because I haven’t been walked much recently. Jen keeps going out in the car with other people and I don’t have to do any work. I went for a walk last week and soon realised why. The ground was so slippy with ice that I nearly fell lots of times. Its very hard and stressful for me to try and walk myself and Jen around the ice. I do my best but we both know its not safe. Some mornings we weren’t able to get to her work because cars couldn’t get up the road. Luckily my grandad has a jeep and is a good driver in bad weather. He has to keep giving people lifts and helping people out of the snow, so he has been very busy this week. Two people gave him a bottle of whiskey to say thanks. Does anyone know what whiskey tastes like? I’m not allowed to try it.
The ground is so slippy that when we get off the bus we have to get a taxi to work. We even needed help walking the two minutes to the taxi and one minute to the door of the building where Jen works the other day. People are very helpful though.
Jen says I’ve been very good, because even though I should be bored from not getting out for walks, I’m nice and quiet in the house. I did have a hiper fit yesterday when the neighbours came. I don’t know why but I was just so excited!

I love to play in the snow and we had great fun in it the other day when we were stuck at home. Its easier to walk on than ice and I love running after snow balls. Then I come inside and curl up beside the cooker, beside Dougal or beside the fire, on the new mat that I discovered when I sneaked into the hall the other day.
Jen will go mad if this cold weather doesn’t go away soon. She just wants to go for a nice long relaxing walk, without nearly splitting herself. I hope it goes away soon too, because she keeps saying she’ll have to trade me in for a husky, and I don’t like the sound of that!

I went to two new places this week. Jen’s mum met her off the bus yesterday because it was so slippy. She knew that Jen wasn’t too happy this week because of her job and because she doesn’t know what she wants to do next, so she said we’d go for dinner. I’ve been to dinner lots of times, but never anywhere like this. There was a yummy smell of food, but very different to what i’m used to. They played strange music and the waitress had a funny accent. She gave me water though and wanted to take me home. People seemed to be eating rice and curry. At least I think that’s what its called anyway.

Today after work we had to go to a hospital. We were taking somebody to visit, so luckily we didn’t have to go into the room. I hate seeing people being sick. The hospital smelled funny too, but not like the restaurant. It wasn’t as nice. The people in the restaurant at the hospital were very friendly and wanted to pet me which was great. One of the nurses talked to us for ages. She said that her sister was blind and she is working with her second guide dog now. Both of her dogs were called Sheeba. How strange is that? I would hate Jen to give me away and get another guide dog, but then if it had the same name as me I would be really angry!

Our friend Charlie is staying for the weekend. He’s a king charles spaniel and is very quiet. Hopefully we can play in the snow tomorrow and he’ll be crazy like me then.
Think its my bedtime now.
OJ x


6 thoughts on “Is the world ending?

  1. Oj you tell Jenn to get herself a pair of Yaktracks. They are special things you put the bottoms of your shoes or boots for walking on the ice and slipery sidewalks in winter. They are rubber with a wire coating to help get traction. They work Awesome! I use them here in MA in the winter as we get lots of snow and ice. And tell her to get you a pair of booties! There is a good company in Ireland actually that makes terrific dog booties. This is their website: Very good company. Good products. That should help you both get out more! Good luck!

  2. OJ, lovely to hear from you! Isn't this snow crazy!! We got more snow showers this morning and the schools are closed until Monday at least! The NSLM is so happy – such a long Christmas holiday! His Mom is not – she would like everything to get back to normal.Take care of yourself and Jen – it's very dangerous out there! The NSLM's grandad slipped going into Mass the other morning and broke his arm in three places. We had told him not to leave his house – but he wouldn't listen! Insisted he had to go to Mass because it was a Holy Day! You should have heard the doctor give out to him!Anyway, have a good weekend – and paws crossed the snow and slippery go soon! A little bit of snow is fun but after a while you just want to be able to get back out again and have a proper walk!CheersClive

  3. Hi Oj, Great to read your blog again – you really are a talented pup and so witty with it. You are lucky that Jen is not making you work as the ice is very dangerous. I was walking near her work a couple of days ago when my 2 feet shot off and almost left me on my back. Luckily i was able to grab the railings outside the courthouse so that i didn't fall. Some smart ass told me I should have waited for a solicitor to appear and then ask him to get me a "claim" – that's a thing humans do to get money when they've fallen over and want to blame someone else!! Tell Jen that i hope there is no major problem with her work and that i hope she finds something that she loves doing – a girl with such a talented dog deserves the best. Hopefully you will have great fun with Charlie in the snow at the weekend (tell Jen those are NOT drug references) but that the snow will go away then. It may be fun for doggies to play in, but humans get upset after it has been there for too long. Give my love to Jen and be a good doggie, John

  4. Katryn thanks for the good ideas and websites. I don't think i'd walk with boots even if Jen tried to make me. I'm very fussy!Becky I hope cricket can get out again soon.Clive I hope the NSLM's grandad is ok and his arm gets better soon. I don't think Jen would make me go too far, just so she could get to mass.John try not to fall again. Glad you like when I blog, and thanks for teaching me another new word.

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