Christmas 09

It’s that time after Christmas and before new year, when you’re so relaxed you couldn’t be bothered doing anything, you go to bed late and get up late, and you can’t think what day it is anymore. I love it!

We had a very busy Christmas day, but it was lots of fun. I stayed in my sister’s house to see my nephews getting their Santa presents. The two-year-old was so excited about getting boxers in his stocking, because now “he is a big boy!” He’s delighted with his JCB tractor, even though he insisted that Santa was bringing him a John deer. We had some family over for breakfast and pancakes, which we’ve never done before. My mum did a Christmas swim for charity, and it was so cold that I wouldn’t even send O J in with her. We visited my granny, went home for a while (where O.J and I played in the snow) and had dinner in my aunt’s house. There were ten humans, three dogs and so much amazing food. She had so many choices that she even wrote out the menu for everybody. It took us three hours to eat our dinner. We opened presents and played cards in between so we could enjoy the food more. Most of us stayed the night as it was too icy to try and drive home. Even I wouldn’t attempt driving in that weather, and I’m the best driver ever!

Boxing day is usually always a day for doing absolutely nothing, and that’s exactly what I did. One of my best friends got engaged on Christmas eve so we all went out to celebrate that night. She had an engagement party two days later, which was great craic! Her family really know how to have great parties! They are the cutest couple ever, have liked each other since primary school and I’m really happy for them.

I went shopping with my sister on tuesday, just encase I was missing something in the sales. I had a cool discs voucher to spend too. I got an animal collective album and ordered ‘gift grub 10’ the limited addition version. I have the cold and really should have stayed in, so yesterday I didn’t anywhere today, apart from babysitting my nephews.

The poor dogs have only had two short walks in the last week because the weather has been so icy. O.J doesn’t seem too bored though. I have no plans for new year’s eve yet. I don’t think i’ll be doing anything too exciting.

Finally, I have to mention my Christmas presents! I got clothes, the usual sets, sweets and stuff and money from my granny. The best and most surprising present was from my parents- tickets to go and see the lion king in London on the day of my birthday. I’ve wanted to see it for years as it was, and still is my favourite Disney film. I’m so excited! Not sure what I did to deserve such a cool present, but I can hardly give it back now can I?
O.J got a stocking from Santa (with a squeaky cracker that he’s a bit afraid of) and a bandana that says “yappy Christmas” from a friend. Funnily enough it doesn’t fit him, but fits Dougal instead.

Currently reading: ‘see it my way’ by Peter White. I’m really enjoying it, as its interesting reading about his career in radio and journalism from a blind person’s perspective.


5 thoughts on “Christmas 09

  1. Sounds like you've been having a very busy Christmas!Wish a little of that snow was down here – Clive would love it!Tickets for the Lion King is a fantastic present!Wishing you, OJ and all the family a very happy New Year.Best wishes from all the gangFiona, Clive and Murrayps – many thanks for your very kind comment on our post today! It is much appreciated.

  2. I'm sure I will Katrin. Everyone that I've talked to who has seen it says its amazing.Fiona I had some good photos of OJ in the snow, but they are on a camera with around 400 other pictures. Maybe I'll just do a picture post sometime in the new year and put up lots of OJ.

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