Happy Christmas!

We’ve had a crazy few days of rain, sleet, snow, thunder, lightening and now lots of ice. I just about made it to work yesterday, a couple of hours late, but couldn’t even get to the top of our road today. I just had to go back to bed. I mean what else was I supposed to do?
I’ve been out for dinner three nights in a row and going tonight with some of my friends. I still have to buy/wrap two presents, go visiting tomorrow and then down to my sister’s, so that I can see my very excited nephew on Christmas morning.

O J is being so good these days. He must know Santa’s on his way soon! Only two more sleeps til Christmas! (well about fifty more for OJ!) Even Dougal is well behaved for once. We’re going to my aunts for Christmas dinner, and the dogs are coming too encase we all decide to sleep there (she has a big house!)

I had planned two posts before Christmas which don’t seem to be working out, so just wanted to say happy Christmas now. Have a good one everyone. I hope slantey jaws is good and you all get something nice!
Jen x


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