This is: my aslan interview

Last night I went to see
In Buncrana. Before the gig I interviewed Christy for my radio show. I was very nervous, but he quickly made me feel relaxed. We talked for about 25 minutes, but the time absolutely flew. Some of the stranger topics included animals and Joe from X factor! Most of the interview (apart from all his questions about guide dogs even though O J wasn’t even there) is on my music show, which you can hear

The interview is about 27 mins in, if you just want to listen to that.
When he was taking me out of the room after the interview I mentioned that I’d read his book, but it had to be scanned and read by the computer’s American accent. He said that must have been terrible to listen to, and that he should record his own version sometime. That would be cool. It’s a really interesting and honest story, even if you’re not a fan of the band, you’d still be inspired by it. Go read it!

Aslan were great as usual, but the crowd was very disappointing. Suppose people have so many staff parties and things on at Christmas, and it was on a Thursday night. It’s such a big venue as well. I don’t think it put them off playing there though, and hopefully the next gig will be better attended, and a bit longer too, because they’ve so much they can play.
Christy talked to some people after and I went over to get an album signed and just to thank him again. He said when I finished recording that I could talk to him after the gig if there was anything else I needed to ask, so he told me to wait five minutes, but I didn’t see him again.
Very rock n roll of him haha! I’d say he just forgot or got distracted. I was more or less finished. I just didn’t get Stuart’s sound bite. Sorry! Anyway it was a great night, and I’m glad I have the recording to remind me of it. Hopefully If I have the chance to interview any professional musicians in the future, they’ll be as easy to talk to, and I’ll eventually be more professional myself!

Ps. Clive and gang I hope you like the Leonard Cohen song!


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