I’m waiting for my carrot and lentil soup to be ready, listening to some kind of fancy piano music they’ve got on in work, and thought I’d ask for your help.

I’m recording an interview with
next thursday for my radio show. Details aren’t finalised yet, but hopefully it will all work out ok, and I’ll not have to do it over the phone. They are playing a gig in the plaza that night, and are always great to see live.
Aslan were the first Irish band I ever liked, around the time that ‘crazy world’ was released. I shook hands with Christy Dignam once at a gig, but meeting him properly will be nice. I want to ask him some interesting questions so that he doesn’t get completely bored, while keeping it general at the same time. I have read his book ‘this is’ before, and will hopefully get a chance to reread bits of it again at the weekend.
Do you have any questions you want me to ask them?

Also, can anyone advise me on which earphones to buy? I’m willing to pay a bit more than the usual 20 quid or so for them, as I need good ones. I need something that’s comfortable even after eight hours wearing them. I need to hear the screen reader on my computer while I’m in work, and edit audio as well, so that’s a lot of listening. I don’t mind if they are in-ear ones or ones that go over the ear, as long as they stay on, look normal and block out some background noise.
I’d really appreciate it if anyone could recommend any you’ve used before, and if you have a link to them on amazon, that would be even better.

PS. O J wants to know what a budget is?


One thought on “Questions?

  1. I don't know which style of headphones would work best, but I'm assuming they're the ones with big pads, no microphones if you don't want something rubbing your chin all the time and also I suggest that you make sure the headphones adjust very well. I supposed I know a bit about headphone styles after all lol! I'm afraid to say that I don't know any questions you could ask your band group.My answer to OJ is: A budget is basically where you spend so much money each week or month and you can't go over that amount. Like if it costs so much for your dog food but you can't spend any more than that each month. Does that answer your question?Have a good day Jenny and OJ!

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