A busy weekend

I’ve had a busy few days and lots of fun. On Friday morning O J and I walked to town, where I had to meet someone to go to the radio station to do an interview for a documentary. I’ll talk more about that when its all put together.
I went to have dinner in my granny’s and left O J at home with Dougal. Tommy Tiernan was doing a gig in a hotel in Buncrana to raise money for the Colgan Hall in Carn (don’t know anything about the place), but I didn’t get a ticket. They went on sale the day before they were advertised. A friend was supposed to get one and it turned out a mess. anyway, after dinner I was feeling sorry for myself that I couldn’t go, so thought I’d try my luck. I went down and told them I just needed one ticket if they had any spare and they were like, yeah come on in!
Tommy was his usual crazy controversial self. I’ll say no more! He didn’t take a hand at the audience much, but if I had O J with me I’m not sure I would have gotten away with it.
A friend met him 10 minutes after I left the hotel, but I met him before so didn’t mind too much.

Yesterday I went to Dublin with two of my friends. We got stuck in Derry because of marching. We shopped in Strabain on the way and I bought a lot of clothes for great value! We had a lovely breakfast with pancakes and maple syrup like you’d get in America. Yum! The friend we were visiting works in Croke Park so we collected her there. I want to do the tour of the stadium sometime, even though I don’t have much interest in GAA. We went to Tribeca for dinner, which does the nicest chicken wings ever! We went to a pub that I can’t remember the name of, and then to a club called howl at the moon. The girls sing all the time,and they sang all the way home in the taxi. The driver was great fun and didn’t mind at all.

Nobody was hungover so we went to Dundrum to shop again today. I bought a Christmas present, because I bought enough for myself yesterday. I brought my disabled parking badge for the car with me. I don’t usually use it unless I have O J with me but thought it might be useful in Dublin. When we parked in the shopping centre and the minute we stepped out of the car, a woman came over and said, “this is a disabled parking space you have parked in you know.” The girls said that I was blind and she appologised and said she was just letting us know. I think she was a bit embarrassed haha. I can see her point. Its very annoying when people take the spaces who don’t need them, but she could have checked the front of the car to see if we had a parking badge first, before jumping to conclusions.

I have to go to a dinner dance on thursday, which is the first of the Christmas parties. I’ll be entertaining O J a bit more next weekend I promise!

I’m selling a Roland keyboard that I bought in my final year of university. Its a really good one that doesn’t get played enough. Its advertised on buyandsell.ie and will be in a local paper. It would be great to have it sold before Christmas. There’s going to be a few nights out and I want to buy a lot of music related things after Christmas so a bit of extra money would be great.


3 thoughts on “A busy weekend

  1. Busy weekend you had!We were in Croke Park on Saturday doing the tour – if you do get the chance, you should do it. Murray's sister plays with the Dublin U-12 Ladies Team and as a year end thank you they were brought into Croke Park and after their tour, got presented with trophies from the Lord Mayor. It was a great few hours and the tour guide was brillant – made the tour really interesting for the girls.You must have been worn out by the time you got home after all that activity! We're just back in from Dundrum – schools closed today and it was total bedlam!take careFiona

  2. My friend who works there told me there was an assistance dog there on Saturday, and I thought of you straight away. She said she didn't ask the dog's name because she didn't want to hastle you, as she knows people constantly ask me about OJ.I'm just starting to feel a bit tired now!

  3. Wow you are a busy little thing!Sorry that your friend let you down. I think we've all been there at some stage!Flick me an email sometime with some new tunes if you have a spare minute.xx

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