understanding humans

Hi humans and woof doggies!

Jen can’t think of anything to write about so she allowed me to steel the computer. She said I can talk about whatever I want, as long as I mention two things first:

Today is the start of Brucember. That means that
Alison Curtis
is playing a song by the boss every night on her show (monday to thursday, 10-midnight) on today fm. I think I know her. She’s got a funny accent (Jen says she’s Canadian whatever that means!) and I get to hear her on the radio in the kitchen when I’m lying beside the cooker keeping warm, and relaxing after a hard days work. I recognise a lot of the music because Jen plays it on her own music show when we go to the radio station.

I also have to tell you that the people at Irish guide dogs where I went to school are looking for people to sign up for the
Mizen to Malin cycle
in May 2010. Thank God us dogs don’t have to do it. If Jen did it i’d get a whole week off work. That would be heaven! I would miss her a lot though.

Everybody keeps talking about a few things that make me really confused. First of all, the recession. What the hell does recession mean? Everyone seems angry and worried. Why? I have food and toys and people to pet me. I don’t worry about anything.
Who or what is Jedward? Jen gets really angry when people mention it. Sometimes she uses naughty words. What did they do to her? Should I attack them if I ever see them?
Floods. What are floods? I think they are to do with the weather, but the weather here in Donegal is cold like last year and no different. Floods are really bad whatever they are.
Christmas. I remember this from last year and the years before that, but why do humans have so much to do? Shopping, buying presents, going for dinner and more dinner and parties and just so much stuff.

Jen spends a lot of time touching things, but sometimes touching things that aren’t me. Things with buttons. Things with keys. Things that talk very very fast and are impossible for my ears to understand. Most of these things make noise. If I bark and make a lot of noise she tells me to stop. This doesn’t make sense. Sometimes I can’t hear the noise because she puts these things in her ears and wires come out of her ears then. It looks funny. She does this on the bus or when we’re in work.
Sometimes she sits at the kitchen table with tea or coffee or whatever they put in those cup things that people always seem to have, and touches paper. The paper has dots or bumps on it. They all look the same to me, but Jen says she is reading. How can this be reading? How can it make any sense.

If Clive, Pearce, Toby, Freddie, Ralph or any other dog that might read this can make sense of the world of these crazy humans, please help me!



9 thoughts on “understanding humans

  1. I love puppy posts too!!!!! I am a friend of Jens, and she is really good fun. She was at my school one year, and she gave me your harness, and you were like a racing car!!!!!!!!!!!!Hopefully you'll have a doggy friend that will meet Jen soon OJ.Take care, xoxox.

  2. OJYou write a very good post! I think you should definitely be allowed to blog more often!!Did I read there that Jen has signed up to do the Mizen to Malin Head cycle!!!! We know two of the cyclists that did it last year – Aoife and Daragh (you met them – well at least Jen did I think anyway – at the end of this year's cycle!) They always say it is the best fun – lots of hard work though!You're right about lots going on about the house that we dogs don't appreciate or understand – especially at this time of year. Too much running around, shopping, getting stressed and partying for my like but then I am told Santa will remember me and fill my stocking as well so I better not give out too much!!Hope you're let back blogging soon!lots of appreciative woofsClive

  3. I know! It's terrible isn't it? You think the dotted paper is bad? My human insists on strangling this thing that sounds like a bag of cats. He doesn't seem to get anywhere with it. I think I'd be able to help him by wripping it a part but he seems to enjoy it so I'd probably get in trouble. It's great to watch though. He grabs this thing and puts a thing under each arm and squeezes for ages! Is looks tiring and the thing sounding like a bag of cats never stops. What is he trying to do with it? Oh. and that thing with the buttons on it? Yeah, my human spends a lot of time on it. I know now that it's better to just sigh loudly and go lie in a corner somewhere to wait until he's finished. I use to lift his arms up so he couldn't use the buttons but I got bord of that because he didn't pay much attention to me. Humans. Their strange beasts.

  4. I'm glad to see my blog posts seem to be more popular than Jens. haha that will keep her quiet.Torie I remember you and your school. I hope you get a dog soon and we can race each other when we're in harness. Your probably not supposed to do that when your working but doesn't it sound like fun?Clive I remember Aoife and Darragh. They were trying very very hard to get Jen to cycle but I think if she does any of it it will only be a couple of days. She says its cos she's not fit enough and wouldn't get the time off work, but I think its really because she would miss me too much.Oh my God those strangling cats sound terrible. Your poor ears!I like to sigh loudly when i'm not getting enough attention too.

  5. OJ – you raise some good questions and agree you might need more time on the computer :D. Oh … that cycling ride sounds amazing for Jen (and time off for you, OJ). We love, love to tandem bike. Tell me more.

  6. It really does sound fun. Maybe you can do it when me and Jen aren't looking? Lol. Hopefully my doggie is up for a race too!!!!!!!I hope Jen does the cycle. You could be her satalite navigation!!!!Take care, xoxox

  7. omg oj you are a genius, i never knew you had such a way with words, i only wish my mental Roxy had your knowledge, oh oj, tell your mum that shes a fecking nut job!! and as for the bag pipes jen will understand whewn i say those things are like your ears getting raped!! hehe great blog!!

  8. Well Done OJ good post, I think my mum has promised me that I could write a post sometime sounds like fun but again she uses this talking feature for her laptop and big screen which makes things alot larger for her and it makes me dizzy and the talking is soooooooooo irritating and also the dots how can they read like that honestly it looks a load of jibberish to me but again mum says im reading she must be clever and good on your mum for doing a cycle ride i am sure she will do really well, Lena says Hi and sends lots of love xxx Pearce

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