We got this award today from the lovely family and golden doodle who blog at
Irish assistance dog
Thank you so much. I’ll follow the instructions; pass it on to five bloggers, who will hopefully pass it on to five more blogs and so on. Mine aren’t all doggy related, but just five of many I’m enjoying reading at the moment.

Selina and Calvin
have almost finished two weeks of guide dog training together. I hope its all going well and there’ll be lots more fun to come.

is great fun, has lots of determination and a great blog. I’m glad I found it.

green tea
from New Zealand is new to blogging, but is keeping me entertained and is doing a good job so far. Keep it up!

Digital Darragh
deserves an award for his recent microwave post. I don’t have awards for good ideas, so this one will have to do you. Come to think of it, maybe Freddie deserves it more! You can fight over it.

Our Jacob
is written by the father of Jacob, a little boy with downs syndrome. If everybody viewed disability in such a positive way life would be a lot easier.

Happy thanksgiving to anybody from America who reads this blog. Enjoy the celebrations.


8 thoughts on “Thanks!

  1. Whoa! Really? Wow! Thanks!! What do I do, how do I do this? Wow!Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes. I don't think I'm ever gonna eat again 😉

  2. Hey Jennifer! Such nice things you say about me, thank you! Delighted to discover your blog. I hope OJ gets rid of his gland problem soon. Pain in the butt. Some breeds are prone to it, or so I am told. Our 13 year old cocker spaniel, Jimmy, has arthritis but we manage it with Metacam for pain relief and he does ok. I shall pass on the blog love that you kindly passed on to me in an upcoming post, and I'll check in as regularly as I can to keep tabs on you guys. Thanks for the link too. Must reciprocate that too. Laters.

  3. Nick welcome to the blog! Sorry the first post you read had to be about the glands haha. Jimmy is a great name for a dog!Thanks a million Beth. Really appreciate it, and I must check out those blogs you nominated that I don't already know. There's just so many blogs to read, I can't keep up.

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