guide dog network

I have been signed up to the Irish guide dogs mailing list for over a year now. People there have often talked about setting up a meeting, where guide dog owners can discuss issues and make suggestions about how services can be improved. As a result, the
guide dog network
was born. Its first meeting takes place on Saturday, and I’m looking forward to it.

I have some friends in Dublin, but they are either not around, alergic to dogs or don’t have space/grass anywhere near where they live. My mums going Christmas shopping while I’m at the meeting, which is great because I didn’t want to stay in a hotel on my own! OJ has obviously helped me to become much more independent, but I still like to have an idea of where I’m going if I’m going somewhere on my own. I know lots of blind people are confident to just find their way around and ask for help when they need it. Maybe its because I don’t live in a city and am not really used to navigating really busy places on my own. Maybe its because I spend most of my time with people, so can ask for help when I need it. Maybe I’ll gradually become braver, or maybe I’m just an eternal wimp!

I meant to mention
Trust Tommy’s project
ages ago. He has set up the
Irish student blog site.
If you know anyone who has a blog that isn’t listed there, let them know about it please.

Sometimes when I post long posts about music, I think people might be bored, but its nice to see that
is listening to something I have recommended, and even better, he is enjoying it!

Right, coffee, then back to scarey serious writing!


6 thoughts on “guide dog network

  1. I don't think you're a wimp. I can't imagine trying to go someplace I'm not familiar with, all alone. Sure, places I know, no prob. But we have to be able to map routes in our head. Even when I have my dog, I'll certainly ask for help if I go someplace unfamiliar. Again, I don't think you're a wimp, I think you're watching out for yourself. Yay on the network, that sounds fab! I'm on an email list for guide dog users from the school I've picked, and its wonderful to have that fellowship. Enjoy!

  2. Agree you are NOT a wimp. I choose to go with someone to unfamiliar places. Its often funner too. Love networking with others so hope that goes well for you.

  3. Love your posts girl-wonder.I meant to e-mail back, but lots of stuff got in the way (can you say .. groaaaan).Thanks for the heads up on the Frames, I'd never heard of them until you.And I like them.. a lot!Oh do have a criticism. You need to post more! Can't you see everyone's eating out of your hand? More.. More..

  4. Thanks R and Becky. Glad I'm not the only one.Harriet, hey! Good to have you back and thanks for the funny comment! Really glad you like the frames. I talk about them a lot don't I?Do you have a blog? I can't access your profile if you do. Email me when you get a chance. Please!

  5. Hey,No, no blog.. yet. If I did have a blog it would contain scandalous things such as what I had had for breakfast and a list of all the things I hadn't acheived that day.I've perked your interest now, haven't I?I'll give you my e-mail, so you can safely safe-guard it for future instances.It is and if you have a msn messenger which I sincerely hope you do it is that as well.If you don't have a msn messenger.. well.. download it!!And as for the Frames.. you mentioned it so much that I was like "jesus what is this frames thing?" and look where we are today? in total frames appreciative love(dreamy sigh)

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