blogs, dogs and music

I have nothing too exciting to write about these days, but just wanted to mention a couple of blogs. I found
R’s blog
through a link that someone mentioned on
She lives in the US, always joked that she would never see her thirtieth birthday because of the kind of lifestyle she used to live, and she went blind when she was 29. She’s an amazing writer and its very interesting to read.

I’ve mentioned
before. She has been waiting for her first guide dog for over 18 months now, and could have a new furry friend very soon. Check out her blog and read what she thinks of the potential new dog and how they get on.

I had to work later than planned today, so OJ didn’t get a nice long walk in this nice dry weather. My uncle is up from Limerick and he came for dinner yesterday with his wife and 5 children. Of course OJ loved it! They all came to visit me in Cork when we were training, and they thought OJ had grown a lot. We’re going out for dinner with them tomorrow.
I’m recording another radio show tomorrow. I have most of the music planned I think. I know I’ll definitely be playing a couple of tracks from the new swell season album ‘strict joy’, which was just released last week. A few friends heard the show on monday. It was the first time people I know, who like the same music as me listened, so it was interesting to hear what they thought.
I was supposed to go to Mick Flannery on halloween night. I hate going out and dressing up for it so it was a good excuse to get out of it, but that’s not happening now. Funny story, but lets just say I think my friends in love, though she’s not admitting it!
Happy halloween everyone!

ps. If you have any blogs or sites you think I might like, post links in the comments section. I’m looking for new things to read and new people to meet, and also just curious to see what people come up with.


5 thoughts on “blogs, dogs and music

  1. yeah Becky. I think its because we know how long it can take and what a difference it can make when training goes well.My comments won't post on R's blog for some reason.

  2. Ok wow I'm totally freaked out at how my blog is traveling lol! I just found you on Vomit comet, and find myself mentioned lol!!I wonder why your comment isn't posting. I have comment moderation enabled, but I haven't gotten any notification. I've had some issues with the comment editor frame. I would post and it wouldn't post and I went back to the frame, and my comment was there and I had to resend. So I started using the link right above the frame. I don't remember what the reader says when I counter the link, I just know its right above the frame, if that makes any sense lol. Or try going back to where you posted and seeing if you got an error, and resend. Silly blogger, errors are for kids.

  3. wrote "to-do lists" about our 15 year old wheaten who died last month. He was an amazing dog in every way and while we found there was so much info on training and grooming and how a dog lives, there was nothing in the end that really could guide us as a family through the end of Tommy's life. That was a path we had to discover on our own.

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