Subject = none in particular!

As well as the Josh Ritter gig on Sunday, OJ and I have had a busy week.
Last friday we went to visit one of the sixth classes in the local primary school. The teacher taught me when I was at the school, and I talked to her class around this time last year as well. They were very attentive and well behaved, and asked lots of mature, sensible questions.
There teacher gave me a lovely thank you card in braille, as well as a lovely present today to say thanks. I don’t expect anything like this at all. It was really nice of her.

On the way back from the pet shop after the school, I went for lunch with my PA. We met a young man called Shaun, who has autism and is terrified of dogs. He became scared a number of years ago, after a dog jumped on him and the owners did nothing to stop it. He has met OJ many times on our way to the beach and has gradually came over to pet him. On friday he recognised him straight away and his parents were delighted. They would love him to have a dog, but since OJ is the only one he will touch at the moment, they don’t know if he will ever have one.

We walked to town last saturday, and after visiting my granny, OJ and I met one of my best friends for lunch. Lunch took about an hour and a half because of the lovely weather, and we were entertained by about 5 children constantly around our table. They asked a lot of questions! Then I got my hair cut and OJ tried to eat my hair as it fell. He always does it! Gross!

Tomorrow could be a good day. The new swell season and REM albums are out. I should be saving money, but sometimes there’s things you just have to buy.
My friend Mark is on a quiz team who are in the semi-final of the all Ireland Ray Darcy quiz on today fm. The finals will be broadcast live from Vicar Street tomorrow, between 9 and 12 a.m. on today fm.
I had hoped to be in the audience for this, as it would have been great fun. Unfortunately that won’t happen and I’ll have to listen from home. Good luck Markee. I know you’ll do well.

We don’t get a bank holiday on Monday. There is one in the republic, and one of my radio shows is being broadcast between 5 and 6 PM instead of a regular presenters. I’m not sure which one it is.

Currently listening to: Alison Curtis on today fm
Currently reading: ‘one voice: my life in song’ by Christy Moore. Its a really brilliant book.


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