Bits and pieces

OJ and I haven’t done anything too exciting recently. My works getting a little busier, and his is always busy! This weekend I have a family dinner for my uncle’s anniversary, and I’m going to a Kings of Leon tribute band. OJ might come for dinner, but not to the band. He wouldn’t like them. He’s coming to a gig with me soon though.

We were in the local newspaper on Wednesday to promote flag day in Donegal. \it takes place tomorrow and people will be collecting all over the county. We’re not collecting this time. We always do the church gate collection and another guide dog owner does flagday. The article included the picture of us with Roy Keane.

Thanks to everyone who commented on the post about the guide dog age limit being reduced. It was the most popular topic I’ve ever posted here, nothing compared to the amount of comments other blogs get, but its still really nice to read them all.

who is without doubt, the hardest working assistance dog I know, has started a new blog about cooking.
will come in very handy when your feeling hungry, as the family will share lots of yummy recipes.

If you’ve nothing better to do tomorrow between 12 and 1 PM, the radio show I recorded last friday will be broadcast on Inishowen community radio.
Its a bit dodgey as I hadn’t done one in months, but I accept slagging, no problem!


4 thoughts on “Bits and pieces

  1. Hope the radio broadcast went well today! Sorry, we couldn't listen but we spent the day at Pet Expo.Many thanks for posting about Clive's new food blog! Much appreciated.take careClive

  2. I do find your blog very interesting Jenny great to read and I listened to your radio story about the tsunami and i watched a video about you and OJ on TV well lucky you I must say, Me and Pearce have been in the paper but without a photo and it was because he was highly commended in the life changing category of guide dog of the year. I think i must start a blog too as it is coming up to a year now and i have a diary of training etc which i may put up and your blog has been an inspiration to me so well done you and OJ looks so much like Pearce how lovely xxx Lena and Pearce

  3. Recording the show was a disaster but hopefully it sounded ok. I didn't listen.Clive I hope you enjoyed pet expo.Lena thanks so much and I'm glad the blog is of some use. You should definitely start your own, especially since you have diaries since training. I'm sure you have lots to write about, being the owner of a highly commended guide dog! well done Pearce!Jen x

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