a busy Friday

I went to Derry today to an event by poet, and former children’s laureate
Michael Rosen.
There were approximately 600 children there to listen and get books signed. I only stayed for an hour to hear his presentation, as there wasn’t much I could do to help (the VAC where I work was hosting the event.) He was very interesting and entertaining and the children seemed to really enjoy it. OJ behaved well even with so many children around him. I only realised when I took him out of the car in Derry that part of his harness that goes under his belly had come off and was at home, so it was even harder for him to control his excitement, when he technically wasn’t working. Good boy OJ!

I bought the new Pearl Jam, Noah and the whale and Dave Geraghty (its for a friend, I don’t need two copies for myself) albums in Cool Discs and went to the radio station to record a show. I hadn’t done a music show in ages, technology failed me so many times and I couldn’t seem to remember names of anything even though I had it all brailled in front of me. OJ was great here too. He just sleeps in the studio and doesn’t move until I take my headphones off when I’m finished. Then he can’t get out quick enough because all the girls who work there will pet him.

My dad and I went to the school to vote in that God forsaken Lisbon treaty and then we all had a yummy indian (dogs do not get Indian food ever.)

My nephews are staying with us tomorrow so if its dry we’ll take the dogs somewhere. We have a spanish student until Christmas and he really likes them so its great. I have a party tomorrow night because one of my friends just finished her PHD. Three years of hard work needs to be celebrated properly, and she got a job straight away too. OJ will have to stay at home for this one I think.

Finally, there’s a nice interview with Glen Hansard in the Irish times:
I know you probably don’t care, but i’m looking forward to hearing what the frames do next when they eventually come back.

Currently listening to: ‘the first days of spring’ by Noah and the whale
Currently reading: ‘the van’ by Roddy Doyle
I love it simply because the dog is called Larrygogan!


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