on the bus

I get the bus to work, usually the 8 in the morning and 6 home, unless some nice person offers to drive me, because you know I’m not the safest driver in the world.
I don’t really want to start writing about bus stories, because I could write a book, but a lovely conversation I had with a stranger on the bus today reminded me of one of the best ones.

One winter morning last year, an old man sat beside me on the bus. OJ was sleeping quietly under the seat, completely out of sight. The man asked me a few questions about where I lived and worked, and then started talking about the old days. He kept pointing to buildings as the bus drove, and telling me what they used to be and how he used to work there when that was such and such a place. He kept saying “and do you see that building there?” “do you see over there” and I just smiled and pretended to look in the direction I guessed he was pointing. I knew from talking to him that he would feel sorry for me and ask a million questions if he knew I was blind, so I thought it best to agree.

We were about five minutes from the bus stop when OJ started moving under the seat. The man stopped mid sentence and said “do you hear that? There’s something under there. OH my God what is it?”
He looked down at OJ’s black head and paws sticking out from under my legs.
“Jesus christ its a dog!”
Me: “yep its my guide dog”
Him: “Oh. Oh I didn’t know. I didn’t realise. I didn’t see it. I didn’t realise you were… you know…”
Its very difficult for some people to say the word “blind”, particularly the older they are. I got his sympathy vote for the rest of the journey.

Currently listening to: Mic Christopher – ‘a curious notion’. He would have celebrated his fortieth birthday today. I bet he’s having a great party with Elvis now.
If you haven’t heard of him, go legally download or buy a copy of ‘skylarkin’. Its in my top three favourite albums of all time. The music and the story behind it is beautiful.


5 thoughts on “on the bus

  1. Yes! Can relate to the bus story … and saying 'blind' is hard for some! Funny … I took the bus for about 6 years daily – and it is such a great place to meet many and have funny experiences and conversations! Although I always enjoyed a ride here and there as well!

  2. Nice blog again, Jenny. Like the comment about your driving. Can OJ not drive you, seeing as he answers the door etc – Oh that's right- he would probably be on the mobile and that would be just too dangerous.That poor oul fella on the bus – God knows what he thought was under the seat!!! Guess he was the blind one as he couldn't see the dog. Funny but i don't think of you as blind too much as i believe you "see" lots of things – just not physically. Is that another stupid comment for your list?? I just mean that you don't let it hold you back – too many of us make excuses for not doing things wheras you seem to just get on with life. Hope that makes some sort of sense – will be a first for me if it does!!John

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