another musical weekend

The guide dog only fans might be annoyed that this is another music related topic. Sorry! No actually I’m not. Don’t read if you don’t want to!

I went to a stone roses tribute band on friday with my sister, her husband, their friends (who are all mad) and my cousin and her boyfriend. It was great fun and the closest I’ll ever get to seeing the real thing.

On saturday after very little sleep, I got the bus to Belfast for the dukebox gig, which was part of the Belsonic festival. I bought the
David Geraghty
album in cool discs to make the journey a bit easier. Its really really good. My friend knew I was exhausted and handed me a coffee as soon as I stepped off the bus. Hows that for service!
It was a great day, apart from being very cold. I met lots of new people who were very nice. The crowd wasn’t as big as expected but it was nice to be able to walk around easily, not have to wait forever for toilets or drink and to see the musicians wandering around.

A photographer was taking pictures to capture an image of the day in Belfast. They are hoping to hold an exhabition if they get funding. My friend told him we’d get ours taken and had to fill in some forms. I went first and the photographer was really helpful. He showed me where to stand, did some test shots and kept moving and telling me which direction to turn my head and to follow his voice. I couldn’t smile. I couldn’t laugh and had to look serious, which was fine until I smiled and he told me to just look the same way I would look in a mirror. But I don’t use the bloody things. They are pointless. Of course my friend and I couldn’t stop laughing after this and the rest of his attempts to get me looking serious were pointless.

There was only one stage, so we didn’t have to decide which bands to go and see. The lineup was:
the Panama kings – A local band who played like they were playing to a million people even though not many were paying attention. Fair play!
David Ford
who I had heard a lot about but hadn’t heard before. He was lovely, a bit Damien Rice/David Gray/that type of thing. He has a very polite Northern English accent, and the kind of voice that would make you think butter wouldn’t melt, but he’s a very passionate performer, and he gets very intense, and angry and… He’s just brilliant.
David Kitt: who I think can be very hit and miss, but I really enjoyed him this time.
Gerry Fish and the mud bug club: He’s still got the charisma after all these years and tried his best to get the crowd going.
Bell X1: who were great as usual but didn’t get to play long enough.
The magic numbers: I was surprised by how good they were and that I actually enjoyed watching them. The audience absolutely loved them!
And finally the organiser of it all, Duke special and his band. He was brilliant as usual. He’s a great musician and entertainer, and seemed genuinely delighted with how well everything went. Everybody singing ‘freewheel’ was really cool and might have nearly made him cry. He went crowd surfing during the last song, and accidentally kicked me in the shoulder on his way past. Its fine. He was just getting his revenge after the time I pulled his dreadlocks!

Plans for my next gig are underway, but more on that later. Lets just say a certain someone might be joining me.

Currently listening to: ‘cheer up you miserable fuck’ by David Ford (from his album ‘I sincerely appologise for all the trouble I have caused’, that I bought and got signed on saturday)

ps. I did edit this post three times encase you think you are imagining things.


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