The Swell Season

The swell season gig in Derry last night was great. I went with my cousin and gave my spare ticket to a frames fan from their message board, so it didn’t go to waste.

Lisa Hanigan and her band played first. She has a very quiet voice, so when she sings its surprising to hear how powerful she can be. The glockenspiel was very cool!

The swell season set list was very similar to the two gigs I saw on the
last tour.
I hoped there would be some differences, especially since they had had a three month break from playing and are releasing a new album in October. I had heard all the new songs they played before except ‘feeling the pull’. I’ve heard Glen playing it solo a few times and have always loved it, so it was interesting to hear the band’s version. It was great to hear ‘heyday’ again, with Simon the sound engineer, who used to play with Mic Christopher’s band the Maryjanes playing too. I thought Marketa’s voice sounded quieter than last time but it was the first night of a new tour so maybe she was a bit shy! She sounded great with Lisa Hanigan when they sang ‘gentley Johnny’ at the end. The end of ‘buzzin fly’ had the best guitar playing I’ve heard in ages!

Glen really knows how to entertain an audience, and last night was no exception. He started telling a story and then explained that they hadn’t played in a while and he had to remember that he was talking to a whole audience and not just “you two”, pointing to my cousin and the boy beside her, who we didn’t even know, like they were a couple. Everybody had a great laugh and she was so embarrassed.

Even though I can’t see, my seat at a gig is always very important, and can really affect how much I enjoy it. My friend once reminded me as a joke, that no matter how close I got to the front, I still wouldn’t see the stage! The front row last night was brilliant because we couldn’t hear people talking behind us, and the only noise in front was from the stage. The funniest parts of Glen’s stories are often the things he says quietly under his breath, that you can only hear with excellent hearing or an excellent seat. I’m lucky I didn’t take OJ sitting there though. Glen played ‘say it to me now’, the final song acoustic and got down off the stage and stood almost in front of us, so OJ would have wanted petted when he came down.
Tried to take a photo during that song and security stopped him, but Glen let him have a picture with him. Definitely one of the funniest parts of the gig.

I went back to work today, but the day after a good concert is always good. I really enjoy seeing the swell season and can’t wait for the next tour, but can’t help wishing that the frames would play again as a band the way they used to. I don’t care what anybody says, there’s nothing like a frames gig!!



5 thoughts on “The Swell Season

  1. Fully agree that there is nothing like a The Frames gig…pitty that last time it was in June 08 and only as a supporting act…nice blogging!

  2. Hey Petr thanks for the comment.I wasn't even at that gig, so my last frames gig was in oct 07. I've been to a few swell season ones since and will keep going there until the frames come back but its not as good. Still good though!

  3. I really enjoyed your review of the concert, Jennifer. Wish I had been there! (And by the way, I have passed Jesse on to his advanced training and miss him terribly, but I got a new dog just for me. I got her through a rescue group; she's an Australian Shepherd/Border Collie and as fast and smart as a whip and a totally devoted companion, so it makes it a little easier.)

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