I’m back!

all relaxed and only a tiny bit sunburned. We stayed in a house about half an hour from Barcelona city and it was lovely. The house was perfect and had everything we needed to entertain three children. The driveway up to it was so steep and the cars we had were so small that we usually had to get out and walk up while one person drove the car in. There was a restaurant five minutes walk away, but apart from that we had to drive 20 minutes to a shop. There were lots of wild animals around, and the roads were terrible as the area isn’t built up yet. Almost every house had at least one dog and they barked and howled a lot! There was a monastry nearby. I travelled with my nephew’s friend and the assistance at both airports were great, even if some of them were a bit crazy! My parents, nephews and sister and her husband are there until the weekend so I have a quiet house again this week!

The dogs were very excited to see me yesterday evening, but quickly relaxed and went to sleep. They were exhausted whatever they were doing! OJ didn’t get overfed, and apparently they were both very well behaved so I’m happy. Dougals off to the groomers now. He badly needs a wash!

For probably the first time ever I didn’t bring any music with me on the holiday. I’ve got a concert tonight so I’ll enjoy it even more now.


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