Members of the public are great!

This is my 100th blog post! You’d think I’d make it a bit more meaningful than the rest to mark the occasion. No chance!
If I wrote about every funny conversation I have with members of the public, I’d have thousands of posts by now. I’ve had a few interesting ones this week so thought I’d mention them.

My friend came out to visit the other evening so myself and OJ walked around to meet her. I was walking down the narrow road toward the beach, just outside my house, when a car slowed down as it came towards me. I thought it might be someone who knew me, and knew from the way they were driving that they were going to stop to talk. The car slowed down beside me, and the driver, who sounded like an old man stuck his head out the window and said “aw your a lovely big boy”, obviously to the dog and drove on.
On the way home from our walk we passed a house that people rent in the summer and a small very playful young dog ran at OJ. It wouldn’t leave him alone but just wanted to play so I wasn’t afraid. Then its owners, a man, woman (who could have possibly been in pyjamas) and their children ran out shouting at their dog in embarrassment. They were mortified and appologised a million times, saying the dog never does that. Then they stood for ages petting OJ and asking the usual questions. You just had to be there I think.

On thursday I had to go to a meeting after work, and met another guide dog owner for food while we were waiting. The dogs lay quietly and people commented on how good they were as we got up to leave. One woman wanted to know:
“Are they hearing dogs or blind dogs?” Neither. They are guide dogs.
“are they sisters?” No they are both boys, trained a year after one another in different ends of the country. They just happen to be black.
“Do they do everything for you at home?” No. When they are at home and have their harness off they are like any other normal dog.
“Do they help? Do they come and tell you when someone comes to the door?”
She answered her own question at this point:
“No I suppose you can hear the doorbell.”

My family all went on holiday on Friday, so I have a free house until I go and join them next weekend. Its nice having the house to myself, but I’m glad I have the dogs for company too. I went to a friend’s brother’s 21st on Friday, which was cowboy and indians fancy dress. One of my friends tried to teach everyone to lime-dance along to Steve Earl, and of course I was hopeless. Another friend took over the DJ box when the so-called proper DJ left, and he was great.
Some friends came out for dinner last night and stayed out to keep me company. I hate cooking, especially for other people, so I bought the food, cleaned up after and was their DJ while they cooked. My friends and aunts keep calling out and texting to make sure I don’t starve and don’t get bored or lonely during the week. They are all great!

Currently listening to: Wilko (don’t know the name of the song, but its good!)


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