Music and Roy the Boy!

I finally got a photo of me, OJ and Roy Keane. I had to buy it from a newspaper in letterkenny and it came in the post at the beginning of the week. Apparently it looks good! Now I need someone to scan it so I can put it up here.

Roy recently did a short interview for
insight radio
About his involvement with Irish guide dogs. You can find it on the early addition page.

I don’t have a credit card, so borrowed my mum’s to buy the photo, and also bought some other stuff on amazon. I finally found an original copy of the frames first album ‘another love song’, which has been deleted and is very difficult to get. I got a copied version about 7 years ago, but it is worn out and doesn’t play anymore. I’ve been looking for an original since, and there was only one on amazon being sold from the UK. Its not exactly their best album, and their lineup has changed many times since, (Glen and Colm are the only original members), but it’s interesting to hear how the music has changed over the years. It’s worth paying the extra money just to have ‘the dancer’ on a cd that doesn’t scratch.

Someone was wondering how Dougal is getting on since we bought him a crate to housetrain him. He absolutely loves sleeping in it and we’ve had no problems since we got it. I wish we’d got one two years earlier. We all would have had a lot less cleaning up to do!

Currently reading: ‘Rachel’s holiday’ by Marion Keyes.
Currently listening to: ‘the loner: Nils sings Neil’, an album by Nils Lofgren, which I also bought recently and really like. He played a song from it during a brilliant interview he and Steve Van Zant did with Tony Fenton on today fm the day before the boss gig, and I was very impressed! Its my new favourite album!


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