Stuart’s Podcast

I’m on Stuart lawler’s podcast this week! It was a nice relaxed chat and I’m happy with how it turned out. Well done Stuart and thanks for the chance to be on it.
You can listen to the podcast
PS. I’ve just realized how much I hate my accent!


2 thoughts on “Stuart’s Podcast

  1. Hi Jenny! I loved getting to hear you on this podcast! I hadn't gotten to listen to the documentary yet either, as I'd thought I had saved it, a month or so ago, and then somehow could only get the first 14 seconds of it. You sounded great with Stuart, and now I have another link to try the documentary! I've been finding my way around the new blinkchat format, and clicked on something that took me to Selina's, and by way of comments to yours, eventually to my old blog I've not updated since 2007, LOL! I wish I was as diligent about blogging as you. I absolutely love your blog. Though I understand in your latest post that you didn't like walking along the water recently, your post made me wish I had been there. I'm strange, in that I'd have probably loved it. Audrey aka DareDevil

  2. Cool to hear from you Audrey. Thanks so much for listening to the podcast. I hope you enjoy the documentary if you hear it. I'll take a look at your blog now. Maybe you'll start blogging again too.Jen

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