Second trip to Dublin

As I already mentioned, I came home from Dublin on Sunday, exhausted after the Bruce gig, and went back down on the bus on Monday morning. My mum and OJ came this time. He had been to Dublin before, but never to the city centre, so I was interested to see how he would cope working somewhere that busy.

It was lashing rain when we got off the bus. We went to meet the lovely
Kerrie and Zonta
for the first time. The dogs were very excited at first. We had a nice chat and I would have liked to have stayed longer, but we had to meet my mum’s friends. After lunch with them I did an interview for the podcast
It was great to see Stuart again, but I’m not looking forward to hearing myself on the next podcast!

We stayed in Clontarf and had a lovely relaxing evening. OJ really didn’t like my mum’s friend’s cats and kept barking at them, making them run and hide. He slept in the same room as me, which he doesn’t get to do too often. Because of this he woke me up so many times. It was like having a small child in the room!

I was very impressed by how well OJ behaved in Dublin, and how relaxed he was on both four hour bus journeys. I specifically wanted a dog that would work in a busy city environment and on quiet country roads, as when I applied I didn’t know where I would be living when I got my dog. OJ doesn’t like very loud noises, but I could see from how he worked in Dublin, (even though he was mostly just following people) that he can adapt well to different situations. I probably mentioned before that he has very high body sensitivity, so therefore doesn’t like his harness on him when it isn’t needed. I always have to take it off when he needs to lie down, but he lay on the Dublin bus with the body piece and handle on, no problem. It’s only taken him two years to do it! Well done OJ!

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3 thoughts on “Second trip to Dublin

  1. Stuart I thought you were going to say OJ is really lovely and now I'm thinking about getting a dog!Nice to see you are interested in reading this woffle!

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