Happy birthday Jen’s big sister!

We went for dinner last night for Jen’s sister’s 30th birthday. As usual I didn’t get any dinner but everybody else said it was lovely. We went to
the Beach House
which is the nicest restaurant in Buncrana. We had a table beside the window with a lovely view of the sea. This kept me entertained all evening. I was able to watch boats in the water and the dogs out for their evening walks. I growled a bit sometimes and Jen told me to stop. I couldn’t resist letting out one bark, which made her jump (It’s so funny when I do that!)
Apart from that I was very good and a few people said I was the best dog they’d ever seen. They still didn’t give me any yummy food though.
Jen’s sister is having a party in her house tomorrow night but I’m not able to go. I don’t mind though because the boys are coming down to stay so they will play with me and maybe take me to the beach on Sunday.

Jen got an email during the week from a man that we met when we went to see
Christy Moore in Buncrana.
He said that he was so impressed with this blog and meeting me that he has decided to sponsor a guide dog puppy. That’s a really nice thing to do. He also appologised for petting me because he didn’t know that you couldn’t pet guide dogs when they have their harness on. Jen said it was ok because we were just standing there so he wasn’t distracting me at all. I love people petting me so of course I didn’t mind.

I think we might be going outside now. I’m not sure if we’re going for a walk or if I can play with my toys on the grass. I hope we can do both.
Woof x

Currently listening to: ‘working on a dream’ the newest Bruce Springsteen album. I like it but Jen still won’t let me come with her to see him next weekend. She says it will be too busy and loud. I suppose dogs can’t go everywhere.


One thought on “Happy birthday Jen’s big sister!

  1. OJGreat to hear from you!! Just in the door myself from a local restaurant – the little man's dad is away golfing so the little man's mum decided to treat the rest of us!! Didn't get any food though either – not even from the little man!!!Hope you enjoy that run on the beach!!take careClive

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