podcasts and nice weather! (updated)

I’ll give the guide dog stuff a mention first, since that’s what this blog is supposed to be about.

Kerie Doyle from Dublin recently trained with her first guide dog called Zonta. Before she went to Cork, she was featured on the
stuartlawler.ie podcast
And also on Audioview, a program about sight loss, presented by Joe Bollard on Dublin city fm. Audioview is broadcast between 1.30 and 2 PM on Wednesday afternoons, online on
or you can hear the podcast at

You can hear Kerie talk about her preparations for a guide dog, how the training went and how she and Zonta are getting on since, on Joe and Stuart’s podcasts. I wanted to mention it, because future guide dog owners might find it useful. She talks realistically about what its like, particularly in the early stages of guide dog ownership. There are always things you can learn working with a guide dog that they don’t teach you in training.
You can check out Kerie’s blog
Ker’s Kosmos

I’ve been making the most of our brilliant weather when I’m not working. OJ has had some nice swims at the beach. My parents took him there on Sunday because I was in Bundoran at a surf/music festival. Myself and some friends made a spur of the moment decision to go on Saturday evening and it was great fun. We got two free tickets so just had to buy two more, so it worked out cheap for everyone. I saw Mick Flannery, who I’ve wanted to see for a while and he was great. I heard a couple of Fred songs and we watched the Super Furry Animals set. They were very entertaining, and I had great fun on the boy’s shoulders. We had an 8 man tent but didn’t fancy trying to find somewhere to put it up in the middle of the night so slept in the jeep instead. We didn’t hang around long on Sunday because the surfing events were cancelled because there were no waves.

RIP Michael Jackson. Its still hard to believe. I couldn’t stand him when I was small, but realized how brilliant his music is as I got older. The production on some of his tracks, and the showmanship he had was incredible. He’s the only performer myself and group of five close friends could all go and see in concert, without arguing about how good the music is, but that will never happen now.


One thought on “podcasts and nice weather! (updated)

  1. Hi JenniferThanks for that podcast link – I'm going to listen to it now. Great to have a decent bit of weather at the moment as well! Clive won't get into the sea but he's been having lots of fun playing at the waters edge!Take careFiona

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