I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but I hate posting links so only getting around to it now. If the links don’t work copy and paste them cos I don’t know how to fix them.
I want to mention and thank all the people who follow my blog, some of whom comment here regularly.
So in no particular order, here goes:

Darragh Doyle
Linked to all his followers a while ago, which is where I stole the idea. I find his blog inspiring and although he doesn’t blog as much as he used too its still great stuff! He is a professional blogger, who can tell a great story and does some nice interviews too.
Check out his sight at:

Clive’s Blog
About his life and work as an Irish assistance dog, helping a boy with autism, is my favourite recent discovery. It is informative, entertaining and updated regularly. I really hope it’s a contender for an Irish blog award next year.

Darren Byrne
Is a very funny man, who can tell a great story. He is currently on Big Brother, but is keeping us all updated on activities in the house on his blog.

Kirk’s photo blog
Has a photo for every day of the year, with some ramblings in between. I can’t appreciate the pictures properly but that doesn’t mean they aren’t good!

Blogs about opinions and personal bias, from the wonderful world of autism. \its another great read.

the life of a lost girl
Is a lovely simple diary of personal life and the search for employment. Her happy personality and appreciation for the simple things in life always makes me smile.

Often comments here. I met her about 18 months ago for a project I was doing in Belfast. A few months ago she found my blog, contacted me to say hi and now she visits this blog regularly. She recently wrote a nice article about “the not so accessible public transport network”, and you can read it and check out her blog over at:

Cruisin with Cricket
Is Becky’s blog about how she “sees life through an adorable guide dog, Cricket-a 4-year old yellow lab. She describes herself as a “(blind from retinitis pigmentosa) 40 something woman, wife, mom, daughter, friend and marriage & family therapist. Her blog is great.

Is training to be An assistance dog in the Us. So is
And the dogs on
the Brax blog

perspectives from a blind point of view
Is Alena Roberts’ blog. She describes it as “A blog dedicated to how I see the world as a 20 something blind woman, as well as news inportant to the blind community. Not all of my opinions will be based on my disability, but I hope to bring a new perspective to the blogging world.”

And last but not least, check out the adventures of
the Karensbrae terriers

I like the diversity of people who follow what myself and O J get up too. Hopefully someone will discover a new blog that they like by looking at some of these links, and new followers are always welcome!


4 thoughts on “followers

  1. Thanks for posting my blog. I love to read your blog as well and will put a link on. It is neat that although we are miles apart – have much in common.

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