Student life and guide dog ownership

I got an email from the editor of the RNIB’s
Sites. She wanted to know if they could feature my blog and if I would write an article for their websites. She said that a lot of visitors to the site enquire about what it’s like to have a guide dog when you are a student. I didn’t have OJ when I was at university, but thought I’d write about the important things students should consider before applying for a dog while they are at college.
She gave the blog a nice mention, and the the link to the article is

I have my annual training review on Thursday. That’s when a guide dog trainer comes to visit to make sure me and OJ are working well together and aren’t fighting! I know he’s working well but I always still be a little bit nervous at the beginning.

5 thoughts on “Student life and guide dog ownership

  1. congrats on having your blog recognized by a national organization and great job on the article. I am sure your yearly review will go just fine.

  2. Great article! Yes, I appreciate so much the follow up review for my guide – but always get a little nervous too – hoping we will do well.

  3. So I'm sure you figured out by now that the link won't work and you have to cut and paste it. Not sure why that is.Thanks for the comments. Welcome to the blog Alena!

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