Safe and sound

Over the last year I’ve been regularly checking
Beth Finke’s blog
And reading her interesting posts. Beth is a teacher, journalist and award-winning author from Chicago. She has written a memoir entitled
long time, no see
Which unfortunately I haven’t read yet. I absolutely love her children’s book
safe and sound
Which explains how she works with her guide dog Hanni. I have the Braille version of the book, which also has print so that blind and sighted people can read it together. I have taken it to our local primary school and the children really enjoyed looking at it.

Beth was recently given the chance to drive a Mustang convertible, and her experience sounded like so much fun. You can read about it in the recent entries on her blog:
and you can
To her describe it here.
It really makes me want to go for a drive!


4 thoughts on “Safe and sound

  1. That last comment was from me, Beth Finke — I got flustered when it came to "choosing an identity" to leave the comment and inadvertently didit anonymously!

  2. Cheers Beth the comment thing is very annoying!Becky you should try driving if you get the chance. I've only driven a jeep on the beach, but there's something amazing and very scarey about knowing that you are controlling the car and you have no idea what is in front of you.

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