Go, jump

Darragh Doyle is jumping out of a plane next weekend, from a height of 13,000 ft at a speed of 130mph. He is doing the tandem skydive to raise awareness for a charity called
a Dublin based voluntary organisation that has been befriending older people living alone in Dublin since 1974. Carelocal recruits, trains and matches volunteers with an older person living in their area. Following the initial introduction, the volunteer then visits the older person in their home over a year and real and lasting friendships are formed.

Why he is doing it:
“I’m primarily doing it because people want to see me jumping out of a plane.
I’m doing it to help raise awareness for Carelocal and all the other charities that don’t have huge marketing or advertising budgets; I’m doing it because I was asked and most of all I’m doing it because I’ve never got the opportunity before and it will be fun.”

if you would like to donate some money you can do it at

Keep an eye on
Darragh’s blog
To see how he gets on.

Fair play Darragh. You’re a brave man! I don’t think I’d do it for all the money in the world, and I don’t even have to look down from the sky and see how scarey it is.

If you want to hear more from Darragh, check out
view from the quad
A great podcast blog, where Cian and Liz have a chat with the man himself.


4 thoughts on “Go, jump

  1. He’s a very brave man!The best of luck to him. Don’t think anybody here in this house would attempt something like that!Take careClive and gang

  2. Hi Jennifer,Thanks so much for posting in support of Darragh’s jump and helping to raise awareness of Carelocal and what we do. We really appreciate it : )

  3. Clive: nobody in my house would attempt it either.Hilda your welcome! I’m happy to give it a mention. I think if you are looking for someone to create awareness and promote charity events Darraghs your man.I’m sure carelocal do great work and I hope it all goes well.

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