guide dogs cycle and more

This Sunday, a group of cyclists will leave Mizen head in Cork, and begin a cycle to Donegal in aid of Irish guide dogs. They will arrive in Malin head on Friday afternoon.
I have gone to meet the cyclists at the finishline for the last few years. Every year they try to convince me to do the cycle and I keep telling them maybe next year. I need a few things before I can commit to it though:
1. to get fit
2. Somebody to train with me, which involves cycling a tandem!
3. Motivation and willpower
If I ever get all those things I just might do it, but don’t get your hopes up. It won’t be happening any time soon.
In the meantime you can visit
to find out more about the cycle and how to sponsor the cyclists.

Other stuff:
Wednesday was the last day of the intro to counselling course. It was good but I had had enough by the end of the ten weeks. I’m starting to teach radio training for visually impaired people in work next wednesday. I’m a bit nervous but I know two of the people attending so that should help.

I went shopping for dog stuff today. I got food, grooming brushes and a crate to help housetrain Dougal. Hopefully this will work because its very frustrating cleaning up after him almost every morning. I have to put treats in it each time he goes in so that he knows it’s a happy place. He’s got a nice comfortable bed in there as well. It will probably take him a while to get used to staying there with the door locked, so I’ll need lots of patience.
We went to a lot of shops, which OJ usually hates, and then to a chinese and he was so well behaved all day.

On the way home from Derry I got a text from OJ’s puppywalker, who found this blog. He said he is proud to have had a little input into looking after OJ. I think he had a huge input. I can’t thank him and his wife enough, and I’m glad he is interested in hearing how OJ is getting on.

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