My holiday to Cheshire

I’m just back from the best holiday ever! On thursday evening I went on the plane with Jen to Liverpool. Her aunt was supposed to come too but unfortunately wasn’t well. Pity cos she doesn’t really like dogs, but always pets me.
I was very excited when I saw Derry Airport because I love going on planes. The staff who worked there were very helpful and Jen was happy. I was not happy when they started searching her, as if she had drugs with her or something, so I stood in front of the lady and nudged her away. What did she think she was doing? She never even met us before.

Jen’s friends met us at Liverpool airport. They always give me cuddles and are very nice. They have a lovely house in Cheshire, which is about 40 minutes from the airport. They have no animals so I got lots of attention. They gave me a nice bed, so I was very brave and slept on my own downstairs.

On Friday morning we went to
Barnton primary school
where Sarah and Rob work. It is a lovely school, and the teachers and staff are so friendly. I must be the luckiest dog alive because I got to stay there all day. Jen talked to the children about guide dogs and what its like to be blind, and they asked hundreds of questions. We had to go into four different classes. I was so well behaved in each class because I knew that when they finished talking the children would come and pet me. I had over 100 children petting me in one day!! Talk about doggy heaven!

At lunchtime one of the teachers took me and Jen to a field where I could run and sniff. The grass was very long but it was good fun. We went outside with the year 3 children after lunch. They had to navigate an obstacle course in pairs, one person closed their eyes and the other person had to lead them. This was done to give them an idea of what its like to be blind. It was very funny to watch.
Some of the children made cards and books and drew pictures for me and Jen. They were really cute. One of the cards said:
“to Jennifer.
I hope you don’t mind being blind.
From Emily.”

When it was hometime the children didn’t want to go. Some of the mums and dads came in to see me and pet me. I didn’t want to leave the school either. I was tired when we got home, but I still had to walk to the supermarket before I could have a sleep. Some visitors came after dinner and they were very nice, but I couldn’t stay awake to play with them all the time.

On Saturday we went in the car and to a couple of shops. Then we went to Rob’s parents house. I know they have dogs because I could smell them, but I looked everywhere and couldn’t find them. I think they were in France enjoying the sunshine. We went to a restaurant and after the meal the manager came over and said I wasn’t allowed in. He didn’t realise I was a guide dog and he was very embarrassed when he realised. How could anybody not want me in their restaurant! We went back to the house with the dogs after for a while, and Rob took me for a run when we came home. He’s so cool because he lets me play in the big field.

Jen and I got on the plane at half 11 this morning. The staff were very nice at the airport again, and Jen said this was the best trip she’s had on her own. People came up to pet me when Jen was having her coffee, and one man told us that his daughter was a puppywalker. I slept on the plane until we landed in Derry. It was a bit bumpy but I wasn’t scared. Dougal was happy to see me when I got home and we went for a walk together. I didn’t miss him as much as he missed me, that’s for sure.


3 thoughts on “My holiday to Cheshire

  1. Hi OJ (and Jen)That was a great post. We really enjoyed reading all about your trip to Cheshire and about the great day you had in the school and all the attention you got. You are one lucky dog!I’m sure you’ll sleep well tonight after your very busy weekend!lots of woofsClive

  2. Thanks Clive.Maybe Jen will put up some pictures soon. I don’t know how to do that. I’m smart but I’m not that smart!Jen is rubbish at putting up pictures often though, so don’t hold your breath.Woofs to you and the little man x

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