bits and pieces

This is another one of those all over the place posts, but anyone who reads this blog regularly is familiar with them by now.
Speaking of regular readers, thanks a million to everyone who posts comments here, and who follows what me and OJ have been up too. There have been a few newcomers during the last week, so I hope you enjoy reading. I will link to all your blogs soon and give them a mention.

I got my guide dogs radio documentary finished on 1st May like I wanted to, but haven’t found a way to put it online yet, which is why you can’t hear it. If anyone can recommend a free site to host audio, that is easy to use, please let me know.

OJ and I got our photo taken outside specsavers in Letterkenny last Friday for shades week. Students from St. Eunan’s secondary school were collecting for guide dogs, as was another guide dog owner, so we got photos taken with them too.
We went for a nice walk on Saturday when the rain finally stopped, and OJ and Dougal had a long walk and a play on the beach on Sunday afternoon. The weather was lovely, so we just lazed around outside and OJ got a wash for his holidays! We’re going to Cheshire on Thursday, and I’m really looking forward to it. Maybe OJ will post about it when we get back. He hasn’t had his paws near the keyboard in a while!

Ryan Tubridy has been given the job of presenting the Late Late Show on RTE from September. I think this is a great decision and I’m sure he’ll do well. He’s yung, intelligent, seems down to earth and most of all, he’s entertaining, and lets face it, the show seriously needs something to liven it up and keep people interested. And guess what? He’s bringing back “there’s one for everybody in the audience” as well!

Christy Moore was on Ryan’s show today. Listen to it

Now that I mention Christy, the best news of all is that he’s playing with Declan Sinott in
the Plaza
in Buncrana on 11th June. He played here years ago, maybe before I was even born. I’ve seen him three times before, but a gig in my home town will be special. I’m really glad that management at the venue are putting it to good use, and having somebody like Christy will attract a lot of attention. I’m really looking forward to it. Hopefully OJ will come too, but I’m not sure if the venue is seated. There is a bar in the Plaza, but it closes during the gig which will be nice (can you tell I don’t drink?!) It would be lovely to meet Christy, but we’ll just have to wait and see.


3 thoughts on “bits and pieces

  1. Hi JenHope you get to meet Christy! I have been a big fan of his for years!I’m delighted too with Ryan as the new presenter – he will, as you say, hopefully bring a bit of new life into the programme. I had given up trying to watch it!I’m hobbling around on a crutch this year so poor Clive is not getting out much – be he’s good and just sits beside me and doesn’t look too sad!!Have a great time Cheshire and we look forward to a post from OJ about it when you get back.Regards from all the gang!

  2. Hope you get off those crutches soon Fiona. At least Clive is attempting to show some sympathy.I knew Christy wanted to play in Buncrana again, but I didn’t think it would be so soon, so I’m delighted. OJ liked his gig we saw in Derry too!I must go and finish packing!

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