Check this out

About ten people asked me at the weekend if I saw Roy Keane on the Late Late Show on Friday night, helping to promote shades 2009. No I didn’t.
I googled it to have a look today, and although I found it I didn’t watch it. I got distracted when I found
this blog

I have read about Murray and his assistance dog Clive in the guide dog magazine and in some newspaper articles, and it is obvious that Clive has made a great difference to their family’s lives. It was great to find such a well-written and informative blog. Its also nice to see another Irish blogger connected with Irish guide dogs.
Now O J is jealous that he doesn’t get to blog as much as Clive does!


3 thoughts on “Check this out

  1. Hi JenniferI am so delighted to meet another blogger from Guide Dogs. I look forward to following OJ and you.Thank you very much for the mention in your last post and we will do likewise in our next post.With regards from us allFiona, Clive and the little man!

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