doggy stuff

O J had lots of free runs on the beach last weekend, and a 4 day break from any harness work. This was the longest break he’s had since I went to Cyprus almost a year ago, so I wondered if he’d be giddy or unsettled when we got back to work. He worked perfectly all week, but unfortunately his saliva control wasn’t so good!
He druled constantly for most of the day yesterday. It was gross! There were small puddles on the ground if we stood still for at least a minute, but he was in great form. It stopped as soon as I got home, but I had to take Dougal to the vet today so thought I’d get him checked encase it was possibly a gum infection.
O J doesn’t really like the vets, but stepped on the scales as soon as we went into the room. The vet laughed and I was pleasantly surprised. He’s 34.2 Kg, the heaviest he’s ever been, but he should stay between 32 and 34 so its fine. The vet said his gums were fine and that he might have just had an upset tummy, causing him to drule but not bad enough to make him throw up.
Dougal got his booster vaccine and he didn’t seem too bothered by it. I asked the vet for some advice about housebreaking him, because even though he is 2 years old he’s still very unpredictible. She gave me the number of a dog behaviourist that might be worth contacting. I’ve had advice from a lady by email, and i’m trying to follow it as much as possible. It would probably be better to meet someone in person though. The one interesting thing she did say first was that bichons are so difficult to train, and when people contact her with this problem she can almost guess what breed of dog they have without even asking. That doesn’t make me feel so bad.

I really don’t think I’m going to have my documentary finished for shades week (which is the guide dogs fundraising week at the beginning of may.) I found out that one of the people I interviewed doesn’t have their dog anymore. I was very disappointed to hear this, as the owner spoke highly of the work guide dogs do during the interview. I don’t know whether to include it still, as technically I recorded it before this happened. If I edit it out I will have to record more with somebody else and I will be losing a lot of good material. I think I’ll contact Cork and see what they think.

Today I heard that two people I know are training with their first guide dogs soon. I have been talking to one by email, but we haven’t actually met yet. The other one has a great awareness of and experience with guide dogs, and the dog is going to a fantastic home. Good luck to both of them and I’m sure they’ll do great.

Finally, and not dog related, I love my new phone! I hate its brittish accent though as I’m so used to the American one. I haven’t used the internet much on it so must do that this weekend.


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