Subject = none in particular!

I know. Its very sad that I’m sitting here alone on a friday night, on the internet again. I’m kinda glad of a quiet night, as the next few weekends will be busy. I’m going to see Bell X1 in Belfast next friday, have to go to my aunt’s seminar about aura soma on Sunday (I’m her special guest apparently, and have no idea why!) and I’ve my two year old nephew’s birthday party somewhere in between.
The following weekend I’m going to Laois (without OJ unfortunately) and the next I’ll be editing like a mad thing.

I helped out at a braille workshop in the central library in Derry today. Four of us (two blindies, one visually impaired and a sighted volunteer) talked to a P7 class about Louis Braille, how we read and write braille, and what we use to help us in our everyday lives. This year marks the 200th anniversary of his birth, and he’s supposed to be our hero you know! Of course when it came to question time, all the children wanted to ask about was the two guide dogs!

After that I went to the Vodafone shop, and a very helpful member of staff helped me to order a new phone. Its the
nokia e51
Vodafone install talks free and then unlock it so that I can use it with my southern sim card. I know a few people who have it and say its really easy to use. I spend enough time online already without having a phone with easy access to the net as well. It will save a lot of time work wise though and keep me occupied on the bus every day. I should have it within ten days. I’ll have my current phone four years this June. It turns itself off sometimes, but otherwise works fine. Its been dropped so many times I’m surprised it works at all, and at least I’ll have a back-up phone if I need it.

I’m going to Donegal town to do my last interview for the documentary tomorrow. The lady I’m interviewing has three dogs, one of which just had three chocolate lab pups last week. I can’t wait to see them they’re going to be so cute! I can’t take OJ with me because they are so young and she’s afraid the mother mightn’t be happy with a strange dog near her babies.

Before I go, I’ll tell you this. The wind is howling outside so I thought I’d have a nice relaxing bath. All my lovely stuff from lush is finished, so I had to try and find bubble bath in the pile of bottles I have from different sets people have given me as presents. I’m home alone, so I’m there like a dork, putting all this stuff on my hand, seeing if it makes suds, or feels like body cream, to try and find the fecking bubble bath, but no luck. There must be everything there except bubble bath. Why can’t they teach guide dogs to read? I know there’s shower jell in the shower so it will have to do. Its not great, and doesn’t make too many bubbles, but at least I know I don’t have body lotion in my bath!
Oh the joys of being blind! but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

5 thoughts on “Subject = none in particular!

  1. Oh cool. Your link worked. I used to find doing that link thing hard, but it’s easy when you do it loads.Lol!!!!! I hate it when you do that too lol. Do you not have a braille dimo or something you could maybe use? Or you could scratch the top of one of the bottles, so that you know what bubble bath you are using.Take care, xoxoxoox.

  2. I usually make some sort of mark, or leave the bubble bath on the bath and shower jell in the shower etc, but I hadn’t opened any of them yet so needed someone to tell me which was which before I could distinguish between them. Like I said its all part of the fun!

  3. Thanks for blogrolling me!!!I’m a Friday night sitter inner too since my other half started driving taxis, it’s not so bad!Bubble baths kick waiting for the bus in the rain after a few drinks in the pub right into next week.Don’t think I’m a freak for saying this, but I’ve noticed that bubble-bath is the saltiest product to taste (I don’t know how I know this), maybe that’ll help to identify it?! Or is that just my bubble bath?!?

  4. Cool. So did you actually get it sorted then? There’s nothing more annoying than having no one there to help you when you need it!!! At least that’s one good thing that sighted people are good at lol!!!!!Take care, xoxooxoxox.

  5. K8 thanks for the (slightly gross) solution to the bubble bath problem! Not sure if i’d fancy a saulty taste in my mouth. It wouldn’t make relaxing in the bath very pleasant.

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