things i’ve been up to…

First of all, belated happy st. Patrick’s day!
I actually did go to mass on Tuesday, before visiting my sister and walking to town. The weather was lovely so lots of people came to see our amazing, or not so amazing parade! Local people and businesses did make a great effort and I suppose at least the town has one every year. There were lots of tractors and lorrys, so my little nephew, who is almost two loved it. OJ lay in my granny’s hall and watched out the door. It was all very busy and noisy so it was probably wise to stay inside. OJ had a green badge on his harness, which was more green than any of us had.

Works been busy and enjoyable for the past few weeks. I’ve just finished making six radio programs which were broadcast on ICR. We’re thinking about providing radio training for blind and visually impaired people in the centre, so I have to research and plan that properly next week.
On the subject of radio, I was recently interviewed for insight radio about writing articles for the RNIB’s Insight magazine. You can hear the phone interview if you find the wednesday 11th March section on the ‘early addition’ page:

I’ve started an introduction to counselling course organised by the RNIB. It runs once a week for ten weeks and we had the third class yesterday. The lecturer appologised at the beginning because she had never taught anyone with a visual impairment before and wanted to help as much as she could. Now she has nine of us and four guide dogs in her class. The dogs are always so well behaved, but I’m not sure if the same can be said for the students!

Finally, I watched the Meteor awards last night and as a fan of Irish music I was very disappointed. As usual I knew who won what before the awards were broadcast, and Mick Flannery winning best male was a brilliant decision, and the only one I really agreed strongly with. He’s really grown on me, and I only have his debut album. I didn’t like Amanda what’s her name presenting, and the jokes and cliches weren’t very amusing. Some of the performers won awards in their categories, which makes them a bit predictible. I also hate how Westlife won best pop act for the ninth year in a row. They took a year off, and we still have to see them pretending to be surprised that they won this award again. I think the Caronas or the Script could have picked up the award this year. I thought Rick O Shea sounded very different when he came up to present the ‘hope for 2009’ award. Was it just my ears or the magic of radio? Sharon Shannon accepting the life time achievement award was great, and I’ve been lucky enough to hear how brilliant she is live.
There’ll be justice in the world of Irish music when the frames get acknowledged for all they’ve done during their career, and when Rick wins the award for best DJ. Here’s hoping!

Currently listening to: today fm
Currently reading: ‘hand me my travelling shoes: in search of blind Willie McTell’
By Michael Gray.


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