Happy birthday OJ!

Three is the magic number. The hound is three today.
He is very happy today, but he’s happy nearly every day so I doubt if its anything to do with it being his birthday.
I went to Ballybofey to meet two ladies who have assistance dogs for their sons who have autism. I interviewed both of them for my documentary while OJ played with their retrievers Levi and Hatti outside. They chased each other around the garden for half an hour and were tired when they came in. We took a photo of all three of them together, and it took ages to get them all staying still.
When we got home OJ chased Dougal round the kitchen table as usual. You really have to see this to see just how crazy and funny my dogs are. Visitors to our house must think its mad when the dogs suddenly take off around the table for no reason.
OJ has spent over half of his life working with me. I’m sure he knows he’ll always be with me now, and when I take him back to Cork for a visit to the centre he knows I won’t be giving him back again.
Right now OJ is eating a giant chew, and probably loving every minute of it. Dougal is howling like a maniac as usual. Some things will never change.


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