counting cash

I’ve spent all afternoon sorting coins into piles, counting them and putting them into bank bags, and yes it really is as boring as it sounds. After a while all the coins were starting to feel the same and I couldn’t help thinking how dirty money is. Of course I still love money!

We did the guide dog church gate collection this weekend, and OJ was so good during the whole thing. The 6 PM mass in town last night was fine, but the next one in a different chapel at 7.30 wasn’t so pleasant. It rained, then hail stoned, and by the end we were absolutely soaked and really cold. A lot of people didn’t stop to give us money, and I couldn’t blame them really. A man gave me some money and then came back to offer me his umbrella. My dad and I had intended going home when mass began, but some clown parked their car right across the gate and blocked ours in. We had to stand in the porch, dripping wet, listening to a group of boys talking loudly. I mean I don’t go to mass too often, but what’s the point in going just to stand in the porch and sware and talk like your on a night out. It was embarrassing.

I helped to collect at 3 of the 4 masses today, and people were very friendly and generous. You always get the ones who don’t give anything or have no money, and that’s fair enough, but the funniest are those who go around the long way to avoid walking past the buckets. OJ got lots of pets so that kept him happy. He had a lot of standing and jumping in and out of the car to do within three hours, but it didn’t bother him.

I counted most of the money myself, apart from when Jack and his friend helped for half an hour. Jack asked what the money was for, and when I said guide dogs he said “I’d love to be a guide dog!”
I’m not sure of the exact total figure yet, but we collected at least 1,900 euros this weekend. It was a lot more than I expected, the most we’ve ever collected and I’m delighted. Its nice to have some guide dogs in the local area, as people can see where the money goes. People are very generous with their time and money, and I really appreciate it.


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