good deeds for the weekend

I’m having my dinner very soon, and then I’m starting the Trocaire 24 hour fast. I’ve been doing it almost every year since first year of secondary school. I don’t raise loads of money, but every little helps right?
The fast is a bit pointless though. I don’t eat for a day, and feel grand until a few hours before I finish, when I get really hungry. I know that when the 24 hours are up I can eat as much as I want. I’m sure that I’m going to get food very easily, and I don’t have to think about starving myself for another year. It does make you think about how much we take for granted though, and maybe that’s the point.

The annual church gate collection for guide dogs takes place in Donegal this weekend. Myself and my parents have organised it in our town for the last few years. The area has three chapels, and altogether there are two masses on Saturday evening and 4 on Sunday morning. The chapels have one, three and five gates, so someone stands at each gate with a bucket, looking very bored and cold, and saying “thank you” everytime somebody throws their coins (or notes if your very lucky) into it.
I feel like a bit of a hipicrit because I don’t always go to mass, but it always raises over a grand, and every penny counts when your training a guide dog. My family, friends and my parent’s friends are very generous to volunteer their time, and there could be ten to fifteen people helping out each year. I will probably collect at most of the masses as I can bring OJ with me and people can’t resist giving a euro or two when they see his pleading puppydog eyes!
I’ll be spending sunday afternoon and evening eating and counting money!

Currently listening to: the Fleet Foxes – ragged wood. I love their album so much!


3 thoughts on “good deeds for the weekend

  1. Hi my name is Allie,I train guide dogs for the blind.I am currently waiting for a new puppy which will be #3, my first dog graduated last May, and my second dog just went in for training.I really like your blog, do you mind if I link & follow you??Check my blog out at:,the blog is being maintained by our pet dog Liberty until I get a new dog.Have a good day!Allie

  2. @Allie: Hi and welcome! I enjoy hearing about all the hard work that goes into raising a guide dog puppy, so I’m looking forward to reading your blog now. Of course you can link to mine. That would be cool.@Becky: Thanks for the comment. Its lovely to hear from people from other countries.

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