Blog Watch

Irish blog awards category intros

Darragh, Darren and others put lots of hard work and effort into making these videos for the 2009 blog awards. Great idea and well done!

Oscar Focus

Darren Byrne’s impressive history of the best original song category at the Oscars.

If you are interested in autism, and the families and people it affects, here are some blogs you might like. There are just too many to mention, but each one below has some great links.

The family Voyage, living with autism in Northern Ireland

Amy’s Short Stories

These are so cute!

Mother of Shreck

And of course, the award-winning post:

k8 the gr8’s the secret fire

Other links:

Reina at the Verbal Arts Centre

a link to a nice article Reina, an American student who did a work placement with us last year wrote. OJ gets an honourable mention! I think he really missed her when she left.

The virtual haircut

If you haven’t heard it yet check it out. Listen on headphones.

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