Older, not wiser!

I just got my first “happy birthday” text from my friend Julie in Dublin. Its my birthday tomorrow and i’ve got the rest of the week off work. I’m sitting here trying to remember the good things that have happened during the last year, and all the birthday’s i’ve had with my friends since I was small. If I started writing about them i’d be here all night. My family always made an effort to make all of our birthdays special, and they still do now. My brother will probably phone from Afghanistan tomorrow. Maybe for two minutes, but it means a lot.

I got two nice presents already; a suitcase from my sister (something I really need) and a voucher for Cool Discs (which is something I will spend in two minutes!) I haven’t planned much for tomorrow, but i’ve been busy recently so just want to relax. The rest of the week should be interesting.

I’m going to Cork on Thursday. I’m recording at the guide dogs centre on Friday morning for the documentary i’m making, which will hopefully be broadcast during shades week at the beginning of may. I haven’t been to the centre since I trained with OJ, and I always enjoy going there. The part I’m looking forward to most is the visit to Kerry on the way there. I’m meeting OJ’s puppywalkers for the first time. They looked after OJ for almost a year before he started full-time training at the centre. They haven’t seen him since then, apart from when we were on TV. I wonder will he remember them. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Currently reading: Shakey, that feckin Neil Yung bio still. I swore I’d get it finished before Thursday but it doesn’t look like it.
Currently listening to: lots of Neil Yung, particularly ‘rust never sleeps’ and ‘after the goldrush’

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