Blog Watch

I want to post a ‘blogwatch’ post every so often to mention some posts that I’ve enjoyed reading recently. I will post links to new blogs that I have found, and hopefully you will discover some you like as well.

I’ve mentioned
Darragh Doyle’s blog
here before, and probably will many more times because it’s great. He puts a lot of thought, time and effort into updating it, and is a real genius at the art of story-telling.
Recently I’ve enjoyed reading his posts about
the day he met Bosco’s mammy for coffee
coming out to his mother
He also posted about the people who follow his blog, describing their blogs and what they write about
You should add the ‘follow’ link to your blog to enable other people to stay in touch, find your blog easily and read what you’ve been blogging about.

I recently found
Pete the vet’s blog
While I was researching books for children who are blind for a project at work. There I found a link to a young vet who blogs about her work at
vet in harness

Selina Litt blogs about her life, her search for work and her wait for her first guide dog among other things on
Selina’s world
Her post reflecting on
ten years of blindness
Was particularly honest and emotional. She is a keen athlete, and hopes to participate in the 2012 olimpics. She also keeps a
training diary
To document her progress.

Kolby Garrison from North Carolina blogs passionately about life, university and her first guide dog Sunny on her

The animal rights organisation
PETA has problems with the idea of training dogs as guide dogs. Read more about it and Kolby’s
response to PETA here


6 thoughts on “Blog Watch

  1. Oh you’ve linked to both of my blogs. Thanks. Will have to find out from you how to do links like that, as I haven’t a clue! I shall check out the other bloggers you mentioned too.

  2. I laughed so hard when I read Darragh’s coming out story! Just the mention made me smile all over again.But I didn’t know about PETA…wow. Thanks for passing that on!

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