I’m back!

I thought i’d steel Jen’s computer again when she’s not looking. Come to think of it, that isn’t hard to do!
We’ve been busy this weekend. We went to Derry to do some shopping on friday. I don’t really like shopping unless we’re in the pet shop. Jen spent ages in Zavvi because they are having a closing down sale. I heard a whole Bruce Springsteen album and about 20 other songs when we were there. None of the cds were in order so it took ages to find anything. I don’t think Jen knew what she wanted anyway she was just buying things because they were so cheap. I wanted to sleep on the floor but I kept having to get up every few minutes and move. I was soo bored!
We stopped at the pet shop on the way home to get food for me and Dougal. I wasn’t allowed to come because I sniff too much in there.

I had to go to Belfast on saturday. I’ve only been there twice and I like it. The bus from Derry to Belfast had lots of space, but the air conditioning was on and it was freezing. Cold air was blowing into my face it was horrible! There were two guide dogs waiting to get on the bus when we got off in Belfast. One of them barked at me. I don’t know why.
We met Jen’s friend Fiona. She’s the one who went to Christy Moore with us. She has a funny accent but I like her because she always pets me. They drank some coffee in a nice warm cafe. then we went for a walk and ended up in Zavvi again! We didn’t stay long this time thank god. Jen bought a cd by Mundy called ‘jelly legs’ it sounds silly to me but I don’t know much about music. There was an album buy a band called The Ojays. She should have bought that instead.
We went to another lovely warm pub and I lay under the table and slept. I scared the men sitting across from us because I was so quiet they didn’t even know I was there.
I didn’t want to go home but the bus this time was a lot warmer and more comfortable. I was starving when we got home and couldn’t wait to get my dinner. I was tired as well because I have to concentrate very hard when I’m working in Belfast. There are more people on the streets and I have to make sure Jen doesn’t walk into anybody. She says she would love to live there again, because she went to university there before I was born. I wonder will we ever move there? That would be exciting!

Today is very windy and wet. I’m glad because it means I don’t have to do any work. I just get to play with Dougal and sleep in my lovely bed in the kitchen. I must have been very good these days because I got another new bed for Jen’s office. Its so soft and when I sleep in it I don’t want to get up. I get to go back to it tomorrow morning. yay!
Woof woof x


2 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. What a wonderful companion you are and an intelligent pooch, using the computer when she’s not looking. My Kodi does that too, has his own MySpace page, even.Here’s some Love for you and Jennifer!oxox

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