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Yesterday was the first day of my Christmas holidays and what better way to start the holidays than by winning prizes, basically just for answering the phone!
I always listen to Ian Dempsey in the morning on today fm when I’m getting ready for work. The ‘kickstart’ song is the first song on the show, selected by a listener and played directly after the news, sport and weather at 7 o clock. If your song gets picked Ian reads out your email and sends you one of those coffee cups that keeps your drink hot. I want one, so decided to email today fm during the week. I picked Bruce Springsteen’s Santa clause is comin to town, as it’s a festive song and the Bruce gig earlier this year was the highlight of the year for me.
It turns out that on Fridays they call the person who picked the ‘kickstart’ song and they are live on the radio. I completely forgot about this as I don’t work on Fridays and rarely be awake at 7 am. So I got up early yesterday and talked to Ian (who was very sound and cheerful at that time of the morning!) and of course he played my favourite Christmas song. Marta our Spanish student went home yesterday so I got to say bye to her, even though she was in the shower and didn’t even hear her request. I think I might get some cds for entering, but I’m not exactly sure what. I’ll just have to look out for the postman all next week.
I have always been very lucky with today fm. I occasionally get requests played and emails read out. Presenters are usually quite good at replying to emails as well. In 2005, just before I started my final year of university in Belfast, I won 4 grand on Tom Dunn’s ‘petsounds’ program, the show that introduced me to lots of the music I love today.
Maybe more important than winning the money at the time was when my sister organised for me to meet David Gray in Dublin when he played in Marley Park for three nights in 2001. I was 15 and it was a dream come true. It was a surprise, and I didn’t find out until the evening before. Maureen emailed a number of radio stations, and Brian Adams, head of music at today fm got in touch with David’s publicist and arranged the meet and greet. I emailed him to thank him afterwards, but I don’t think he really knew how much it meant to me.
So today fm is a lot more to me than a radio station I turn on for a bit of background noise.


One thought on “Today FM

  1. The postman came with my prizes the day before Christmas eve and I got:The coffee cup i wantedA spice girls cd, dvd and postcards all in a box (I gave this away already)Tracy Chapman albumThe best of Luke KellyThe Dubliners DVD (which I’m looking forward to watching with my dad)

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