Its been so cold for the last week, which isn’t fun when you’ve got a guide dog. I’m going to work from the bus depot up the street anymore rather than on the walls. Its too dark there in the evenings and these days the walls are too slippy with ice and too dangerous. O J didn’t walk anywhere this weekend because it was so icey. The dog run was like an ice rink, and when I took him outside to play with his toys he slid everywhere on the grass. I bought him an early Christmas present yesterday. It is a new bed. Its more like a thick mat than a bed, but he loves it. If he’s in the kitchen and he’s told to go to bed he gets confused because he doesn’t actually have one there. Now that problem is solved!
On friday night I was sitting in the kitchen reading a book. Mammy was just leaving the kitchen, but turned back for something and saw O J coming towards me with a bagle in his mouth. She grabbed it off him quickly, but I thought he had eaten it, and scolded him putting him out to his bed. She said it just had teeth marks, and she thought he might have been bringing it over to me for some reason, not actually realising it was food yet. He never ever takes food from anywhere in the kitchen, maybe unless a crumb fell on the floor, and if he knew it was food he would have wolfed it down in two seconds before he got caught. I’m going to do some food refusal exercises with him anyway just to remind him that he can’t eat food that’s not his own.
I went to Cockhill fifth class on friday to talk to the children. Their teacher talked to me for a long time on the phone two weeks ago, so the class were well prepared and had lots of interesting questions. They loved the talking colour detector and O J of course. Their teacher gave me lovely biscuits and chocolates from Thorntons to say thanks, which was very kind of her. The children all followed us to the car and stood waving as we drove away.
Hopefully we’ll put up our Christmas tree this week and it will start to feel more like Christmas. We have a staff lunch in the Beach Hill hotel in Derry on friday afternoon, and dinner for Sarah’s birthday on Saturday night. I’ll take O J on friday but not on saturday.

Currently reading: ‘foreign affairs’ by Patricia Scanlan


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