Catching up

I could have posted this last week, but I wanted the OJ/frames post to stay on top a bit longer!I took OJ to the vet last Friday. He had a bald patch under his front leg (like the dog version of an arm pit) and also on his back leg. I noticed what felt like a cut last week but he wasn’t itching it and I didn’t want to be running to the vet straight away in a big panick if it was nothing. It didn’t clear up, and the alopecia seemed to be getting worse. the vet said it looks like a skin infection. She gave him an injection and 2 weeks of tablets and anti-biotics and some cream to put on it. She did a good checkup and said apart from that OJ is very healthy. He has had an infection before, and she said his skin is very sensitive, so the slightest cut that a person wouldn’t really notice can get infected very quickly. He seems to be at the vet so much because of minor things, nothing that can be avoided or prevented, but its very frustrating. He is lively and happy, and worked perfectly after the vet. I walked him on his lead to teach him a new route to the bus depot, then decided to do it in harness as he seemed very alert, and he was brilliant. The kennel supervisor at IGDB recommends giving him evening primrose capsules in his food daily (evening primrose if you don’t mind!!) I can’t tell him that’s what they’re called or he’ll refuse to eat for me. My aunt is going to test him with homeopathic remedies and see what turns up there.I spent an unexpected 50£ at the vet, then went to buy dog food for the 2 dogs. The pet shop didn’t have one type, so we went to a different shop where I could buy both types of food, and they were both on special offer! I bought them some new toys with the money i saved from the dog food. Not such a bad day after all!
The vet told me that the tablets that OJ is getting will make him very thirsty. More water = more peeing, and more walks to the grass during work. Unfortunately I wasn’t always quick enough, and as I was putting OJs harness on yesterday he almost flooded the place! Thankfully he can hold it in when you shout at him, because if he did what he did on the grass (the longest dog pee ever) I would have been sacked from work yesterday!
I recorded another interview for my documentary today. I also contacted one of the assistance dogs owners, so hopefully I’ll meet them soon. It will take a while to make, but I want to do it properly, so it will probably mean taking a trip to Tory Island and to guide dogs HQ in Cork in the new year.
I have to sell tickets for an hour in Letterkenny tomorrow for the Donegal centre for independent living, who fund my PA. I couldn’t be bothered but it has to be done. I can’t really take OJ because people will think it’s a fundraiser for guide dogs, even though they would probably give us more money!
The Swell Season gig from Belfast that I went to is on for download. I think you pay about 10 euros for the gig and the money goes straight to the artists. This way you get decent quality recordings and its not like your steeling the music. They will hopefully put the Letterkenny gig there soon. Can’t wait to hear the gigs again. They are playing a fundraising gig in Vicar Street for people with intellectual disabilities on 8th December. I’d love to go as I’ve lots of annual leave to use up before Christmas, but I’ve nobody to go with and nowhere for OJ to stay when I’m at the gig. Colm’s solo album is seriously making me think about learning violin again.
Currently listening to: The Hare’s corner – Time will tell


2 thoughts on “Catching up

  1. hey jenthe course in coleraine im doing is film tv management so it isvery visual. The undergraduate course used to have a good bit of music/radio. we had a radio module then stuff like ethnomusicology. I think that the sound stuff has moved to derry now. check out their online Prospectus at usually buy my framey stuff from lee but i travelled down to dublin just to get the Once DVD as he didnt have it in when i was up. not sure who would have bout loads, there are a few frames fans in omagh, never the ones you would expect too lol. Did he get Dukes album, didnt even know it was coming out when i was in the week before it was released.

  2. Hi Jennifer-I’ve been meaning to visit your blog lately so I thought I would today after typing you that really long email. So glad to hear that OJ’s skin is okay and he has a friend named Dougal. What cute pictures of them! I was reading how OJ probably wants human food when you go to places where there’s yummy food cooking. Aw! I am terrible though and have spoiled my dog rotten with table food! Now when I am cooking and she is so sad she can’t have whatever I am making, I try to give her some type of chewy treat that smells like beef. She really likes them but still begs for table food, especially meat! She sleeps in my bed and trys to take over the place but that’s another spoiled rotten story. I felt bad about your boss not liking dogs! You can’t be serious that you get fired for taking out OJ on a regular basis during work, could you! That is just so wrong! You should be able to take him out as often as possible! Well, gotta go back to work, ugh! I mean to ask you what your job is? Best,Shandra

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