What’s been happening…

I finally made a start on my radio documentary on guide dogs last Friday. I interviewed Laurence from Fahan about his dog Isaac. He talks so passionately about guide dogs and he did a great interview. He gave me guide dog Christmas cards, a calendar and a bag of chews for OJ. The documentary will take really long to make, as its just voluntary work in my spare time, and its very difficult to find suitable times to interview people.

On Friday afternoon I got an email from Claire Leadbitter, the manager of the Frames. She’s putting me on the guest list for the Swell Season gig in Letterkenny next Sunday. I’m really happy! I’m going to see them in Belfast on Saturday with Tash, Mags and Fiona, and Laura’s coming with me on Sunday. I’d like to take OJ and maybe get a photo with him and the band afterwards for the blog. I’ll see how loud the music is on Saturday night (the set will be quieter than usual because the swell season are more chilled out than a frames gig.) I checked with the theatre, and our seats are in the back row. They said they would keep two at the end of the row for us encase we take OJ. I’ve never missed Glen Hansard in Letterkenny, and there’s something amazing about his gigs there. It’s a tradition to go, so cheers Claire! I really appreciate it.

I contacted Emma who works for BBC Ouch, to ask her about her experience of making an audio magazine. It’s something I’d like to do, but not sure if it will happen. She was so helpful and friendly. She moved to London to take a part-time job as researcher for the BBC’s disability site three years ago, and works there full-time now. Just before she hung up the phone she said there’s a possibility that I could visit BBC Ouch in London to see how it all works. It would be a great experience. It’s an unofficial invitation at the moment but I can only hope I get to go sometime.

I went to Sarah’s pub on Friday night. I should have taken OJ because it was nice and quiet. He didn’t go out on Saturday because it was so wet, and mammy took him for a play on Sunday morning. We haven’t heard too many fireworks yet, and luckily OJ isn’t too bothered by them.

When I was walking home from work on Tuesday I met a group of teenagers on the walls. One girl asked if she could pet OJ. I was cold and wet, but I was early for the bus and she did have the decency to ask so I said yes.
She began asking lots of questions: Is he a helper dog? Like a dog for blind people? So you’re blind then? Completely blind? Aw God love you. Has he had pups yet?… and finally…
Is he a crotch sniffer?
Kids these days!

Currently reading: Marley and Me: by John Grogan.


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