My first post

I’ve seen other dogs posting on blogs, so I thought I would have a go when my owner isn’t here. She is always on her computer, so it must be good fun, and I hate to miss out on fun.

My name is O J. I am a gorgeous black Labrador retriever, and I am very special because I am a guide dog. I have a very important job; to lead my blind owner around safely.
I live with my owner and her parents and my little brother Dougal. He is small, white, and fluffy and barks a lot! We have good fun playing with our toys. I have my own bedroom, with a nice big bed, some toys and a special box for all my food. There is a bathroom too, but my owner doesn’t let me go in, only when I have to have a shower (I hate showers!) When I moved there first I drank out of the toilet one day. I don’t know why because it didn’t taste nice, but I’m not allowed in there anymore.
I am allowed into the kitchen mostly when my owner is there. It is nice and warm, and always smells of food. Yum! I am not allowed to beg for food, but I try sometimes and then I make my owner cross.
I am never allowed upstairs because my hairs go all over the house. It’s not my fault though.
When I am working I wear a special harness, so members of the public know that I am a guide dog. I don’t like getting my harness on because it feels funny. I love working though, even though people aren’t allowed to pet me. I am allowed into shops, restaurants and all kinds of exciting places that ordinary dogs can’t go.
We get the bus to work very early in the morning. Sometimes the bus isn’t very comfortable and there is no room for me to stretch out properly on the floor. Sometimes people stand on my paws too. I wish they would look where they are going!
When we get to work I can sleep in my bed most of the day. Sometimes I get a chew to eat if I have been a “good boy.” I am always well behaved in the office, because I don’t think the boss really likes dogs. How can somebody not like dogs! I never get to go into his office when my owner has meetings. I have to stay in my bed and be good. I wonder what is in that office.
We go to lots of cafes, but I don’t like them because the food smells lovely and I’m not allowed to eat any. If I eat human’s food I might get sick and I hate going to the vet. I really love going to the radio station and the primary school because lots of big people and children pet me. People always ask questions about me but I love all the attention. Sometimes people take pictures of me too and I love getting my photo taken.
I am usually very well behaved in harness, but sometimes my owner gets cross when I sniff at things. I like to sniff though. I try to sneak a quick sniff sometimes but I always get caught. My owner says I am nosey, but I think I am just inquisitive. I get excited when I see other dogs, and sometimes I forget that I am not allowed to play with them when my harness is on. When the trainer comes up from Cork I always have to be on my best behaviour or I’m in big trouble!
My favourite thing in the whole world is free running on the beach. I love when people throw sticks in the water for me to fetch. I am a very good swimmer, not like Dougal who is afraid of the water and only gets his toes wet. What a baby! I always come back when my owner calls me or blows a whistle. Dougal never comes back when he’s told.
I have to go now. My paws are sore from typing.
Woof Woof, OJ xx


4 thoughts on “My first post

  1. Woof woof O J, My name is Holly and I’m a yellow Lab/retriever and I’m a big girl now at seven. My beautiful mum is Dominique and I love her very much and she does me, as she’s always telling me it when I’m guiding her, she tells me it every day, and so many times that I can’t begin to count. We’ve been on Guerrilla Gourmet and featured in Guidelines numerous of times. We get lots of recognition every day from everyone admiring me, as I’m so beautiful and friendly. My brothers and sisters didn’t qualify as a Guide Dog, I was the only one, so I’m very special! My mum is always on her computer reading Jenny’s blog every day, and she loves it. Her favourite singer of all time is Mary Black and Westlife. I love being a Guide Dog. I love free running too. Especially in the beach, I love the sea, and I love my kong. I’ve two of them, a floating one for the water and a normal one for the park. I love chews too, they’re so yummy!! We do a lot of fundraising for Guide Dogs, I love it and all the admiration and attention. I love it when we go back to the centre and see all my friends again, and so does my mum. They were very special times and memories for us, that will never leave us. I get lots of love and hugs every day with lots of praise, as I do my work so well, and am extremely cautious! Woof woof to you and your mum. All the best with my paws crossed. From. Holly. xx

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