I got a lovely surprise last Friday. The teacher who’s class I took O J into gave me a bottle of JLo perfume to say thanks. I was delighted!
The first time i ever touched a guide dog was when I was in first class or my third year of primary school (aged 6 or 7.) A local woman who has since passed away took her dog Beth in and let me pet her. I wanted a dog more after meeting hers. I’ll always remember that day in school, and if I can bring the same amazement to children by letting them see O J then visiting schools is worth it. Its a simple thing for me to do, and I don’t expect any presents in return, so this was a lovely surprise.
My mum teaches kids in the mainstream primary school that I went to. Her class consists of six teenagers who have special needs, and I know them very well from doing voluntary work there. They decided to surprise me by visiting me in work today. I had a quick cup of tea with them as it was too early for me to have a lunch break. It was good to see them and OJ loved the attention.
I have been getting some nice comments about my blog and I have discovered some other blogs I like through them. I really enjoy reading
Darragh’s blog
And on that blog I found
The other Darragh’s blog
It is interesting stuff, and in particular,
Is one of the most amazing and well-written posts i’ve ever read…

I’ve been asked to write some articles for ‘insight magazine’, The RNIB’s educational magazine for parents, teachers and professionals working with blind and vi people. Its a nice chance to get some writing published, and of course I’ll post the articles here if they make it into the magazine.
Maayan Gordan contacted me from Seattle, WA. She is raising her second dog Shep to become a guide dog, even though she’s only 17! The website and blog are

I’m off to Liverpool on Thursday for two days thanks to my 2 pound flight! O J will come next time hopefully.

Currently reading: Chronicles vol. 1 by Bob Dylan
Currently listening to: Rick O’Shea on 2fm


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