Training Review

O J had a few more days off to allow his infection to clear up, and I took him back on wednesday. In the afternoon I got a phone call from a guide dog trainer in Cork (not the one who trained me and O J) to say she would be in Buncrana tomorrow and wanted to see us. I got the day off work no problem. I was a bit nervous about my annual review as O J was in good form again but still taking anti-biotics. I had nothing to worry about- he was brilliant. We walked to granny’s house and back so Claire could see how we worked together. We met lots of dogs and O J ignored them all. She was happy with how well he responded to me and how quickly i was able to know what he was doing and correct him for sniffing. She advised me when and when not to take his lead when we are crossing, as his tendancy to walk to the left is still very strong. She said unless there were any major problems I wouldn’t have to see a trainer for another year.
I think O J really knows when to behave. The following day we were walking to town and he had to go to the toilet cos of the tablets he’s taking, and he did the biggest dog poo ever in the middle of the path. Stinky! I’m just glad the trainer wasn’t there.
We have a spanish student until Christmas who loves dogs, so we took O J and Dougal to the beach on Friday evening. We went to the boys club on saturday morning to watch Jack’s football matches, and O J loved all the attention from the children. He was tempted to chase the football but he’s learning to ignore it.

Currently listening to: people typing in work
Currently reading: just finished ‘out of sight’ by Joe Bollard.


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